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whtroze 10-18-2008 12:26 AM

Wondering if a Molly is pregnant?
Hi all, I have a well cycled 10 g. With a few various guppies, 3 neon tetras, a very tiny algae eatter, lots of tiny snails, a juvenile black molly (male) and a lyetail dalmation molly (Female). They are fed once a day at the same time each day and the food consists of premium flakes and also 2 times a week they get a small amount of freeze-dried brime shimp and bloodworm mix. Temp is maintained in the range of 70-80. Chemistry tests are all normal and are checked weekly to ensure everything stays ok.
About a month ago, my male got the urge to chase the female and I actually caught them in the act once. (I did used to have another female (silver), but the male stressed her too much and she passed on....this dalmation female tolerates his advances well and keeps him in check if he gets carried away, she also has plenty of areas to hide if necessary - so another female really isn't necessary). Anyway, like I said, I know for sure they most likely bred about a month ago. She seems to have gotten slightly fatter, but not to a point of real worry. Everyone in the tank appears healthy and happy, including her.
The problem is, she is a dalmation coloration. How can I tell if she is pregnant, since identifing a gravid spot would be nearly impossible. Also, if she is pregnant, how long is the gestation (when should I expect babies)? Is there anything I should do for her to prepare or help the potential pregnancy be less stressful? Is there anything I should watch for?
If she is pregnant, I would like the best outcome for the fry if possible and of course her. I have no intention of getting more fish (my current tank wouldn't be able to handle that) but I know good places that would buy them.
Any advise would be great. Thanks.

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