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mgkdad 05-24-2013 12:11 PM

planting anubias
first off hello to everyone, ok so i have one anubias nana and one anubias afzelii floating in my tank which is a 10 gallon it has two bulbs that are 15 watts each that came with the tank when we got it and theres gravel in the tank. I plan on attaching them to drift wood or some rocks but i was curious is there anything else i need to do before they are attached or after i attach them like liquid ferts. This is my first time doing this and i want to do it right the fist time, oh and there is a moss ball thats been in the tank for about two weeks the fish love it, any advice or tips i can get is very much appreciated thanks in advanced:-D:-D

Boredomb 05-24-2013 12:22 PM

Hi mgkdad, I don't think I have seen you around before so first off Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping.

When "planting" Anubias of any type you want to make sure you don't bury the rhizome (the leaves come out the top of it while the roots come out the bottom.) if you do it might rot and then the plant will die. So attaching it to driftwood or rocks is best. With drift wood you can sometimes find cracks in the wood where you can snag the plant to and get it to stay or can pin it with another piece. On rocks you can either use a piece of string or fishing line to wrap it around it and then tie it to the rock. You can do the same with a driftwood to if you can't find a place to snag it.

Plants always do better with fertilizers but Anubias is a slow growing plant and came sometimes mange with what little nutrients that are in the water. If you choice to add some fertilizer get one that is well rounded like Seachems Flourish Comprehensive plant fertilizer or Brightwell Aquatics' FlorinMulti. both work well.

Also one last note Anubias do best in shaded areas a not in direct light so if you find a way to shade it that would be good. One way of doing so is with the ad of floating plants. Fish will also appreciate the shade as well

fish monger 05-24-2013 01:05 PM

Boredomb has said it all. The only thing that I might add is to switch to two 9 watt daylight CFLs. You can get them at any of the big box home improvement stores for a very reasonable price. The floating plants will shade your anubias and the floaters will do better with the type of light given off by the CFLs. That will aid in ammonia control as the fast growers will consume it more quickly. The bulbs that they provide with incandescent fixtures are usually meant to highlight colors or just to provide adequate light to see what's in the tank. Another advantage of the CFLs is that they don't give off so much heat. That makes it easier to maintain a steady temperature in your tank.

Boredomb 05-24-2013 02:26 PM

Good point fishmonger! I didn't even catch that....
Daylight bulbs will do best but any bulbs that are around 6500 Kelvin or within a range of 5000-7000k will work too.

mgkdad 05-24-2013 02:59 PM

thanks a lot for that advice im gonna change the lights as soon as possible

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