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s72450 10-15-2008 06:51 AM

Live sand?
I'm getting a 55g tank in about two weeks and planning on planting it and so forth. I wanted to use sand instead of rock but all the sand I've seen at LFS and PetCo are labeled "Live Sand" and mentions something about being from the ocean which is obviously salt water and I'm doing a freshwater tank.

So my question is, in regards to planting a tank, what type of base do I need, live sand or substrate or what? Thanks so much!

kritas 10-15-2008 07:07 AM

Just to clarify, Substrate defines any base you use on your tank. eg. live sand, Gravel, Eco-complete etc.

If I were you, i'd get Eco-complete, that is if you can find it... It's one of the best in regards to growing aquatic plants

onefish2fish 10-15-2008 07:17 AM

play sand from home depot works, just pre-rinse it really well

Tyyrlym 10-15-2008 01:06 PM

Live sand is for salt water aquarium's only. The "live" part only refers to it being inhabited by micro organisms, not that it's suitable for planting.

iamntbatman 10-15-2008 01:41 PM

I agree, something like Eco-complete is going to be your best bet for growing live plants, but natural gravel or play sand are also great choices. It's a matter of preference and the size of your wallet.

s72450 10-15-2008 04:02 PM

Where could I find Eco-complete? PetCo perhaps? What does it usually run you?

iamntbatman 10-15-2008 09:47 PM

I'm not sure if Petco or Petsmart would carry it, but any better LFS should have it on hand. It usually runs about $25 for a 20 lb bag.

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