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lilitharam 10-15-2008 12:36 AM

Help with Male Betta :)
Hi! I'm new here, great forum! I have three male bettas (all in seperate 1 gal. vases, not too near one another) and I have noticed a trend in my red guys, EVERY red betta I get basically, starts out great happy go lucky for three-five months. At about three to five months they begin to loose their brightness of color and their tails begin to be less full, more like stringy. Then out of the blue they die, still eating (Betta-min and betta pellets alternately) still acting normally. My latest one has started this trend and I don't want to loose him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've had him about seven months now, no plants in the vase with him, he is not in the sunlight, water is changed weekly to bi-weekly with de-chlor, the kind that has stress coat, I do not spray any fragrances near him, nor cleaning products. Also, their seems to be an oily like residue on the top of his water, I have NO idea what it could be. It kind of coats the water top, is it coming from him? Thanks so much!

1077 10-15-2008 06:34 AM

Stresscoat contains aloe vera. Could be what's contributing to scum or film. you may wish to try dechlorinator such as AMQUEL+ or PRIME. Your fish are in very small containers and as such, It is my view water should be changed every two days. Temp should be steady no fluctuations 78 degrees. Remember fish are swimming in their on waste frequent small water changes and not overfeeding will no doubt improve their conditions.

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