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Miffy 10-14-2008 06:04 PM

We've poisoned them!
My boyfriend's fish (2 silver foxes, 2 dwarf catfish, 2 guppies) had whitespot, so he put some whitespot treatment in the tank. (Interpet anti-whitespot)It all cleared up fine, and he put the last dose in last wednesday (i think he was using a half dose, because of the catfish).
Today, he spotted one of the guppies had a nick out of it's tail, so he added some anti-fungus, just in case (Interpet again). This was a couple of hours ago.
minutes later, all except the guppies were on their sides, not looking very happy.

He's already done a 50% water change in the tank (which is 7.5 gallon) then tried to put the fish back in, and they immediately went as limp as before.

We have no hospital tank set up, so all fish are now in a bucket that had some dirty water in from a water change last night, with the air pump and heater (filter is still on the tank and we don't have a spare). He's got some water ready to go into the bucket when the conditioner has worked. We were planning to change a bit of bucket water now and in the morning, and I'll go get some carbon from LFS first thing in the morning. We also have someone on standby to change the water again whilst he's at work, if needs be.

All the fish have perked up in the bucket, the catfish are wondering what's going on, and the silver foxes are trying to escape and the guppies are just mooching around near the top. All pretty much back to normal.

Meanwhile, will the fish be ok in the bucket till the tank has sorted itself out?
Do we need to add anything else to the bucket? (would it hurt to add some of the plastic plants just so the fish have got somewhere to sleep?)
If not, how can we save the fish?
and how can we get the medicines out of the tank without removing ALL the water?
Is carbon the right stuff to sort the tank out?
and will we need to keep adding fish food to the tank now it's empty? (like we did between finishing cycling and getting fish)

Kim 10-18-2008 07:53 PM

You will need to remove poops daily from the bucket, and do at least a partial water change daily (the amount will vary with the size of the container that they are in). Yes, you can put the plants in there for the fish's comfort, but you may want to rinse them first. During the time that they are in the container you should test for ammonia and nitrite daily, and do a water change if you get any readings for either.

Honestly, since it is a small tank I would just siphon out all the water leaving just enough to cover the gravel. Also make sure the filter stays wet. There is not really any bacteria in the water so this will not hurt your cycle as long as the filter and substrate stay wet, and it won't hurt your fish as long as the temperature and pH is the same as the old water that they are in. I would then fill the tank up, and put some carbon in the filter. Let the carbon do its work for about a day, and put the fish back in. I'd say that if you do all this and the tank is only empty for one day, then any poop left in the gravel should be sufficient to keep your bacteria alive. Just don't vaccuum the gravel.

Good luck.

okiemavis 10-24-2008 12:55 AM

Do a 50% water change on the tank and run lots of carbon. The tank should be clear within a few hours...

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