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PChu 10-14-2008 05:11 PM

Female betta not feeling well
I recently adopted a female betta from a girl who wanted to get rid of her. I've had males before but never a female.

1. 1 gallon tank
2. Freshwater

3. The tanks been up for a week
4. my female betta is the only one in the tank
5. i recently put in a plastic plant
6. tank temp: 77 F

7. no filter
8. no CO2 unit
9. gets a little sunlight every day
10. my last water change was today

11. this was the first one since i set up the tank
12. she eats betta pellets and freeze dried bloodworms

13. 15 watt bulb on for a total of about 3 hours a day, all in smaller increments
14. After i changed her water, she was happy and swimming around as usual. I left her alone for about 2 hours and when i came back she had successfully lodged herself inbetween the thermometer and the side of the tank. when i released her and removed the thermometer, she swam to the bottom and doesnt move at all and wont come up for food or react to me
15. everything is where it should be except the pH is a little high, but the tap here is like that and her previous owner said the betta did fine in the higher pH
16. test strips, its those 5 tests in 1 Mardel brand
17. last time a bought a fish was about 3 years ago and it was sluggish in the store. this one i recieved out of someone elses care

another thing that concerns me is that when i first put the plant in, she swam all over it but after the thermometer incident, she avoids the surface of the water as well as the plant. now she just sits at the bottom and moves from spot to spot every once in a while and there are no signs of disease. is she sulking or could something be wrong?

PChu 10-14-2008 09:41 PM

ok i've looked at her again: her fins and tail are stiff and pulled together, she wont eat, she wont move much, her face is showing pale splotches and there is an odd white spot that appeared right under her belly. i think its fungus infection so i gave her medicine for it.
will it hurt her if its not? after the water change and medicating, she got really energetic but now shes back at the bottom. Please help!

Little-Fizz 10-16-2008 10:00 PM

How often do you change the water? In a one gallon bowl water changes should be at least every 2 days. How long have you had her now? She could be adjusting... I think you'll find if you pick her up a slightly bigger tank with a filter and heater she might be a little happier. If this isn't a disease... It doesn't sound like a disease so much as it sounds like poor water quality. When you say she was "lodged" do you think it was hurting her? I've seen my fish get stuck between things before and they don't normally mind (lol if you save them in time :lol: ).

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