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fishfryguy 10-11-2008 01:34 PM

algae eaters??
First off just wanted to say i am new to this forum and it is great, very helpful. My question is i have one 2 yr old oscar in a 55 gal. he is about 6-7 in. I have moderate algae growth and was wondering if there is any algae eaters i can put in with him and still keep the peace? any help appreciated.

Flashygrrl 10-12-2008 01:49 PM

Not really...anything small he'll eat and a full size pleco won't really even eat algae anymore and there's no way on earth he'd fit into a 55 with an Oscar. As it is, your Oscar might be more comfortable in a 75 gallon.

What are your tank parameters and what else do you think could potentially be causing the algae? Sunlight? Too much food? Any plants in the tank?

fishfryguy 10-12-2008 10:35 PM

tank sits about 10ft from the window. Only gets a couple of hrs of natural light. no live plants in tank, just artificial. keep tank about 71 degrees. ph normal. havent had my tank light on very much, maybe thats the problem. algae is brown and furry, alot on tank walls and filter, some on rocks and plants.

Tyyrlym 10-13-2008 07:31 AM

First off that's a pretty cold tank for an Oscar, do you have a heater? Second a couple of hours of direct sunlight could be causing the problem. You might want to pull the shades during that time to keep the light out of the tank.

kamazza 10-13-2008 11:53 AM

you may be able to get away with a larger pleco but im thinking thats about it?

Tyyrlym 10-14-2008 07:54 AM

A pleco will make more mess than it cleans. Algae eaters not the way to control algae, proper maintenance is.

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