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thekoimaiden 05-22-2013 10:23 AM

Izzy's Goldfish!
Since there are some large changes coming to this tank, I thought I would start a photo log/photo album thing. I know goldfish aren't everyone's preference, so I haven't done this before. But my friends have prodded me enough to put this up.

These are the most recent whole-tank shot. The heater is no longer in use and I should probably remove it, but things have been crazy recently. I have three young goldfish in there. Magikarp the orange ryukin, Ponyo the calico ranchu (dorsal-less fish), and Burbbles the redcap oranda (red and white fish). Each of them are about a year old, but Ponyo was raised by a breeder and the other two were pet store goldfish. Goes to show what a difference quality care from the earliest day makes.

That breeder box in there houses some apple snails I got from John (Boredomb). Ponyo ate one as I put it into the tank, so the rest went into the breeder box to fatten up. And boy have they been doing just that. They are large enough right now to probably not be eaten, but I want to be doubly sure. They will be released in another month or so.

Those little snails are surprisingly hard to photograph. I really hope they get pretty large. I've seen pictures of them larger than the palm of your hand.

While it is an older picture, this is my favorite group shot I've gotten. This was actually taken the day after Ponyo arrived. I really need to write down what settings I used to get this photo.

So expect me to update this from time to time with new cute pictures of the goldfish and hopefully some large ones of the snails. Oh... and a special update coming in a few days ;)

Destinystar 05-22-2013 11:21 AM

Thanks for sharing the pictures, I love your Goldfish they are beyond adorable ! Very nice home they have and I love that group shot of them, your apple snails are cute too, I hope they keep growing for you nicely so you can release them from the breeder box when they get big enough.

Chesh 06-02-2013 07:37 PM

Oh, IZZY!!! I am so unbelievably happy that you started this thread!


You know that fancies kind of weirded me out for a while. Cute, sure. . . but things like nasal bouquets and wens. . . well. Just a lil' bit creepy! With their bioload and space requirements, I didn't think I'd ever actually keep one, so I probably never would have changed my mind about them if it weren't for you!

Because of you (and for reasons that I'm sure you'll be getting into soon!) I was put in a position to actually meet and care for one (temporarily) for myself. . . and at this point I can honestly say that I've fallen for them head over heels. I get it, now. Goldies are just lovely things. . . so squishy and sweet. I never realized what amazingly adorable personalities these little guys had!

I'm really looking forward to this particular journal - for many reasons. . . thank you so much for starting it!

thekoimaiden 06-02-2013 09:22 PM

I'm so glad you saw the light, Jes! Goldfish are some of the most personable fish I've ever had! And those faces! I wasn't sold on wens when I first started keeping goldfish, now ranchu are my favorite breed!

While it's on my mind, the snails from John have literally doubled in size. I released them into the main tank today. Ponyo tried to nibble at them, but they are too big now! I hope the continue to grow! I will still feed these guys twice a week so they can keep up the good growth!

I apologize for my goldfish. They are excellent photobombers.

Boredomb 06-03-2013 12:06 AM

Izzy I am glad the snails are doing soo good for ya! I still have some left that I meant to take to the store today and didnt get a chance.

You Goldfish looks awesome as well!

Chesh 06-03-2013 07:46 AM

lol! I saw the light, and at the end of the tunnel . . . were GOLDFISH!!! If I had the time to keep up with maintaining the little poopers, I might be sold! Maybe one day. . .

Your little Johnsnails are SOOOOOO PRETTY!!! They ARE getting big quick! I love those purple ones, just. . . so gorgeous!

I also love the names you've chosen for your little goldy crew, lol. . . my lil' sis was way into Pokťmon when she was younger, and Ponyo is a show both me and my kiddos love to snuggle up and watch over and over again. I don't have any previous associations with the name ' Burbbles,' lol, but it's one of the cutest names I've ever heard of on a fish!

Any chance for individual shots? PULEEEEZE??!

I know. I know. . . I wasn't expecting goldifsh OR snails to be nearly as difficult to photograph as they are. I'll be patient. You'll get them up in good time. I believe in you!!!

(So excited for this new tank log! What changes are in store, aside from stocking??! DYING to know!!! Also, ummmm. . . any OTHER tanks you have hiding over there that we don't know about??! ;))

rexpepper651 06-08-2013 03:03 PM

im not really a goldy fan but those are nice looking and i like the simple less is more aquascape you have going on.

thekoimaiden 06-08-2013 10:10 PM

Thanks! I'm rather fond of the minimalist 'scape, too. It's rather different from most of my other tanks which are pretty jammed with plants. It looks pretty open right now, but as the fish grow it won't look nearly so open.

Chesh 06-10-2013 07:45 PM

I really like the minimalist look in goldie tanks, too. . . I can't wait to see how it changes over time - AND watch the fishies grow ^.^

Okay, girl. . . you asked for it. I'm going to post what *might* be the longest story I've ever put down on TFK up here in just a bit. Might take a few posts to get it all in. You're right, I should have started a tank log of my own on this one. . . Now I get to add it to yours. . . I tried to condense, but girl! You know I just CAN'T!!!

I've been somewhat away from TFK lately, busy times over here - so thank you for being patient with me, I know it's been a bit of a wait. . .

And always and eternally, thank you for adopting my little misplaced friend. . . *hugs*

By 'a bit' I meant hours and hours. Better than days. . . time has been doing this to me lately. . .

Chesh 06-11-2013 02:43 AM

The Epic Story of Waddles (part 1)
Izzy asked if I would post the story of her newest goldfish arrival, (AGES AGO, Iím so sorry, live has been out of control lately) so here it is. . .but youíll have to bear with my meandering as I work my way thorough. The Story of Waddles is a bit convoluted, at least from my perspective. . . and yíall know I fail at short and sweet on a good day. Itís a sad story, but one with a very happy ending - for Waddles, anyway. ANY animal that ends up a tank in Izzyís home is by default one of the luckiest animals alive! Iím so happy heís finally found his way to a safe and loving home. . . and am eternally grateful to Izzy for her willingness to adopt a stray into her little goldy group, and give him the chance at a very bright and happy future. Thank you, so much - it means more to me than you know.

Waddles came from a tank that belonged to some very close friends of mine. As far back as I can remember, there has always been a tank in their house. I never paid much attention to it - shoved as it was into the corner of a room filled to bursting with childrenís toys and clutter. The lights were always off, there was nothing to see. But the story of this tank started many years before I discovered my fascination for all things aquatic, so I never really thought much about it, or itís inhabitants at the time. . . and I certainly didnít bother to wade through the mess in order to get a closer look. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was dimly aware that goldfish lived there, and that it was in the play room because these fish had been won over the years by the eldest of their three daughters - prizes brought home from the local state fair.

About a year and a half ago, my own fishy obsession began when a spontaneous trip to the mall for some Sunday-evening family fun ended with the unexpected result of several aquatic members being added rather suddenly to our family. I got lost somewhere between my own enchantment at the tanks and the sweetly begging voices of my little girls (then one and four years old), who were being so very good that day. . . mine was the same sad story that we see all too often told here, lack of prior research and trust in pet shop employees ending with a poorly stocked, overfilled, and dangerously cycling tanks taking the lives of innocent animals - with the owner being none the wiser in spite of well-meaning questions asked at the time. Iím ashamed to admit now that I was that person, but so happy that my mistake brought me to TFK, where I found so many lovely people so willing to give me the help I desperately needed to learn how to properly care for my babies. . . getting off track a little? Not really. Because this is actually the start of Waddleís story. . .

Among the mismatched fish that I ended up with were a pleco and a goldie - both commons, but it didnít take very long for helpful TFKians to point out to me that there was no way I could keep them in my 10g tank. Thinking I was doing the best thing I could do to rectify a bad situation (I was unable to return them to the shop - they refused to accept them, even without credit or refund, and I needed to reduce stock fast to save lives), I gave them to the only people I knew who kept goldfish, on the assumption that they must be doing a decent job of it, and continued on my quest of becoming a better fish keeper. The 10g quickly became a 29, and the tank that has come to be known as Becoming started to, well, become. . .

The family that owned the goldfish tank have been a daily part of my life for many years - we consider them chosen family, and though I see them nearly every day, I donít often find myself in their home. I babysit their littlest two, and we do other things outside of our homes, because the kids already spend so much time in mine. Months had passed, and though I asked after our little adopted fish, I still hadnít been to their house to see the tank through my newly-acquired fishkeeper eyes.

Since they are in my house so much, the family was watching first-hand all of the changes that were happening very quickly in my tank. They became inspired, and wanting to have a pretty tank of their own, decided to turn the lights on in their tank. It wasnít a very pretty sight that greeted them. Water so dirty the fish could barely be seen, some of them were dead or dying, algae covered every available surface. . . just yuck. They asked me what they needed to do to get their tank turned around, and with all of my new-found knowledge, and an API test kit in hand, gave them the best advice I could. . . which started, and pretty much ended, with the importance of water changes.

Iíll really never understand how skeptical people are by the thought that cleaning a fish tank on a regular basis is actually necessary, or how insistent they remain after having the reasons why itís important clearly explained. This is a road block that Iíve now run into on more than one occasion, and the adults in this home, unfortunately chose to take that point of view. Yet another case of dying fish in toxic conditions being Ďfine,ísimply because most of them have somehow managed to survive. And Iím not exaggerating when I say toxic. . . I canít remember the exact reading for ammonia or nitrites, but at that time they were present on the lower end of the range, the tests for phosphates and nitrates, however, tested so high that the colors were far darker and more vibrant than the highest reading on my key cards. Off the charts high - by a LOT. Having just learned as much as I could about beneficial bacteria, bioload, and stocking - and after just barely managing to bring some of my fish through the dangers of a cycling tank - was pretty aware of how unhappy those fish must be, and deeply distressed by the thought that I had actually sent fish that had once been mine to this disastrous tank to suffer and die.

If that wasnít bad enough, the tank was only a 30 gallon breeder tank, nowhere near large enough to house the common goldfish who had been living there. But in their opinions as long-time fishkeepers (as opposed to my month or three in experience) their fish were Ďfine.í Some of them had been in that tank, without ever having had a water change done, for three years, maybe longer! Those original fair-won goldfish were huge, some of them easily 9 inches or larger, the tank was a 30 gallon breeder - to them, a very large tank. They werenít even sure how old the oldest of the fish was. Their eldest child was adopted at the age of five, and she came with the tank already in her possession. More goldies had been won at the fair every year since - and they obviously had never bothered to pay any attention to them, so had no idea how many fish were even in there. Of course, not being able to see them through the water wasnít helping much. The oldest (who was then 9) didnít really seem to care one way or another about Ďherí fish, so I asked if I could at least rehome them. No. Because their 2 year old twins really loved the fishies (that they couldnít even see?), so they didnít want to give them up. I tried everything I could think of to convince them, and failing that was just about to just go in and clean up the tank myself (the owners wouldnít have minded, and I felt really obligated to the fish that I had sent to live there) My husband, who is far wiser than I will ever be, stopped me from taking that pointless and frustrating task on. . .

Still, the family was inspired, and in spite of all I had told them, and the fact that the water was so filthy the fish couldnít be seen, they went out and got a fist full of fancy goldies (they arenít sure, but I think this was the point that Waddles was brought home) a few doomed Apple snails, and an ADF, plus a new Halloween-themed substrate (black and bright orange gravel *puke*). At least they listened to my advice to change out the gravel piecemeal, and in so doing were forced to do several water changes on the tank. The first clean water aside from top-offs that it had ever seen.

I tried for a while, every time the subject came up, to convince them to do a water change, or let me rehome the fish and, if they felt it was that important to keep a tank for the kids (who got more than enough tank time at my house every day), at least start fresh with a lightly stocked tank with animals better suited animals for the tank size, but after a while I stopped pushing - it wouldnít lead to anything but annoyance on both our parts. Time passed. An entire year went by. . .

In the meantime my little Becoming had been busy growing and thriving, from a 29 into a 55g. The whole family is in my house enough to enjoy my tanks, and from time to time expressed that they wished their tank looked like mine - I always offered to help, in the same way, with willingness to do water changes and necessary tank maintenance being the only condition for my help. Their eldest daughter (who technically is the owner of the goldfish tank) comes to stay with me through the summer, and on days when schools are closed. She fell very much under the spell of Becoming, and the other tanks I had laying around my house, and started asking questions - good questions. I told her about the nitrogen cycle, she helped me run water tests, we watched torn fins heal up, and plants grow in. . . we would spend hours during the little oneís nap time of parked in front of Becoming and talking about all the animals who lived there. . . she really got into the details of fishkeeping more than I ever expected her to, and it wasnít long before she started asking questions about her own tank, and what she could do to turn it around.

In the meantime, her tank was fixing itself - to some extent - as nature will. Her fish were dying off, one by one. Slowly, but surely. Almost all of the newcomers were gone, and finally the older fair-won goldfish began to die, too. . . Finally, there was only one left. A little black fancy, the only one that she had picked out herself, named Mr.Waddles. She had gotten particularly attached to the endearing Waddles (and ONLY Waddles, it seems) - it would be impossible not to, heís just such a sweet little thing.

One day she came over and she asked me if I would teach her how to do what was needed in order to get Waddleís tank cleaned up, so he could be happy and live a long time. She was very upset, at having lost all the others, and afraid that he was going to die soon if something wasnít done. She was right. Though my husband had been right in stopping me from getting involved the first time, he didnít even bother to try to dissuade me from teaching a little girl how to maintain the tank alone. I contacted Izzy, along with a few other Goldie lovers on the site, and they gave me a lot of advice, including articles, books, and websites where I began my own quest to gain as much knowledge as I could about Goldfish and their needs. In the meantime, I learned all about old tank syndrome, and what would be required to get this awful tank cleaned up without losing Waddles in the process - not an easy thing after all the years of neglect, and the bioload of too many Goldfish. . .

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