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SolaceTiger 10-09-2008 08:13 PM

Feeding ottos
Well, my two ottos I introduced to my tank last Saturday are still alive, look fine... black stripe is there. I've tried algae wafers, mushed up peas, and now zucchini.. I made a thin slice of the zucchini with a veggie peeler, and softened it in the microwave... they've figured it out that it's supposed to be food I think, but it's like they can't really get any off of it? Any suggestions? =/

aunt kymmie 10-10-2008 12:47 AM

I don't have any suggestions as far as the zucchini but did you try spinach yet? I also acquired my otos last Saturday and they go *nuts* for spinach. The advice was to feed it raw but flatten it with a wide knife before putting it into the tank. The little guys are on the spinach before I even weight it down on the sand. It worked for me, maybe it will for you?

SolaceTiger 10-16-2008 06:56 PM

Haven't tried spinach, but will get that next time. They are still alive though, and actually started them on hearts of romaine lettuce just about a week ago. My LFS guy has some of his own also, and he said that he rotates between turnip greens and collard greens ..I believe that's what they were. Found it interesting since I haven't seen that mentioned elsewhere on here yet.

aunt kymmie 10-16-2008 07:13 PM

That's good info to know. I feel like I'm short changing my ottos by giving nothing but spinach. They won't take cucumbers, zuccini or anything else that I've tried so far. Algae or spinach and that's it. I'll try the turnips & collard greens and see if they go for it. Glad yours are doing well!

SolaceTiger 10-26-2008 02:54 PM


Ottos are fat and happy, (I hope happy anyway) :P I should be picking up a used 30 gallon soon, so I hope to get a few more of each tetra I have so they can school. :D kymmie, did you try romaine lettuce or anything yet for your ottos?

okiemavis 10-26-2008 08:58 PM

I've had a lot of luck soaking algae wafers in garlic and other flavor enhancers like Entice (by seachem). It makes it super extra tasty :)

aunt kymmie 10-26-2008 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by SolaceTiger (Post 149420)

Ottos are fat and happy, (I hope happy anyway) :P I should be picking up a used 30 gallon soon, so I hope to get a few more of each tetra I have so they can school. :D kymmie, did you try romaine lettuce or anything yet for your ottos?

Yes. I've tried lettuce & collard greens and they won't eat it. I picked some swiss chard from my garden tonight and maybe they'll go for that but somehow I doubt it. I feel bad that they have been eating nothing but spinach. The tank they are in had a ton of algae but they have done a great job (too good of a job!!) eliminating it. I'm going to try what Okiemavis suggests as far as flavor enhancement on the algae wafers.

I'm glad your ottos are doing well!
A new 30g? YAY for you!

1077 10-27-2008 05:40 AM

you may wish to try Dried marine algae. I use Sally's Seaweed salad. It can be cut into small three inch pieces and hung from veggie clip. My discus love it and i have seen my oto's munching on it as well. Found it at petco but you can prolly order it online as well. is one place . It's basically dried marine algae. Might i ask what you are doing to encourage algae growth in the tank with oto's? Perhaps for the benefit of the fish which in my view should always take precedent it will be necessary to set up a small ten gal. tank and let algae do what it does. You would then have plenty of algae that these fish require growing in the ten gal and could move them? Too many of these fish slowly starve to death due to lack of proper food which primarily consits of algae. :-(

aunt kymmie 10-27-2008 09:32 AM

10777- I do have a six gallon that I have plenty of algae in, just for the purpose of feeding the ottos. Both tanks are planted and as soon as algae is covering a plant I remove it from the big tank to the small tank & vice versa. I also have rocks in a bucket with a pretty good amount of algae on them and I'm rotating rocks when the rocks are cleaned. I will not have a fish die from starvation on my watch!

I'm paranoid about keeping the ottos fed which is why I supplement with spinach in a clip. I'd like to have as many options available as far as feeding them. Not to mention when I go on vacation. Not sure I can depend on the S/O to maintain my feeding regime as far as the ottos. He's A-1 on the other fish tho. Dried marine algae sounds great. That I can depend on him to do. I just can't see him preparing fresh spinach leaves...washing, pressing between a large knive blade, removing promtly after 8 hours. He's just not as obsessive as I am!

How long to you leave the marine algae sheets in the tank before you remove them??

1077 10-27-2008 10:25 AM

The marine algae usually doesn't last but a few hours. The discus must think it's very good. I am pleased that you are providing for these little fish. Too many people place them in tanks that do not have enough algae to sustain them. There are also those who fastidiously clean their glass and decorations and as stated they slowly starve. I once had one swim up the return flow from emperor 400 that was well below the surface and have babies. I discovered this while swishing the filter cartridge around in a bucket . I thought the fish that had the young simply died for i could not find it in the tank. Imagine my surprise at the few wrigglers that managed to surrvive. I placed them back in the tank but the keyhole cichlids ate em:cry:

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