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KarlS 10-06-2008 12:37 AM

New fish to be bought
Today I had to come to a hard decision and give up two of my fish, my black ghost & my 12" pleco. My pleco was literally destroying my tank setup, I would set everything up nice and good and the little monster would create the lunar surface in my tank, at times pulling up the plants as he forced his way through them. Another reason was the rest of the fish seemed to have mini heart attacks as he swam by them. My black ghost was getting to aggressive. I am aware that there will be readers who will think "what an idiot, or what did you expect, etc etc" especially seeming as how I was warned that this may be the case as he got larger. I got him because he was such a beautiful fish and I hoped to keep him satisfied with beef heart. But unfortunately he seemed to have it out for my clown loaches in particular. It was suggested that he may be attempting to eat the coating on the loaches. Whatever the case was A decision had to be made. So I brought the two to a great pet store where most of its "fish" staff have numerous tanks and are avid aquarium lovers. Now I was given a credit note (not even close to what the fish are worth) but it is a to be expected.

I am now wondering with my set up I have what might be a good addition? I was thinking red hook silver dollars (I am aware of normal silver dollars, but am "hooked" {bad joke .. I know} on the red hooks. I am however hesitant, I heard they can get up to 16". I would like to get about 3-5 of them so they can school.

Another fish I was thinking about is a Pacu, this is more a a passing thought because I've seen photos of these guys and they are HUGE!!! I've seen people say that 500G tank might be too small for an adult.

Well that's about it.. So I hope to hear from you guys.. :)

jeaninel 10-06-2008 12:46 AM

Sorry to hear you had to give up your pleco and BGK. That's always tough when you've had them awhile and have grown attached to them.

How about more clown loaches? I see you only have 2 and they will be happiest in a school. I think the silver dollars will eat your plants. And I agree, the Pacu will get too big and may get too aggressive.

iamntbatman 10-06-2008 12:55 AM

Yeah...if you thought the pleco was rough on the plants, you don't want to see what will happen if you put a bunch of silver dollars in there. The pacu will eat plants also and will definitely need an even larger tank than yours.

I agree - adding more clown loaches will definitely make them even more interesting to watch.

I'm having a hard time finding a niche in your tank that's not already filled. You might be able to add some sort of dwarf cichlid, although you'd have to watch out for aggression between it and the angels.

What about a single Geophagus? They get to be pretty big - many species get around 10-12" - but you've got a large tank. They're also extremely docile considering their size and their being cichlids and all. They won't eat your smaller fish and shouldn't get in arguments with your angels. The only problem might be that it could damage some of your plants while rummaging through the substrate.

KarlS 10-06-2008 01:03 AM

It's funny you should mentioned that, I've been loosely thinking about that for the last couple of months. That and getting one more of each of my Gouramis.

*On a side note, the pet shop I went to today just opened up a 360G tank, with 2 red belly pacus, 1huge honeycomb pleco, 1 Tiger shovelnose, 1 Gar, 1 Arowana and huge Clown knifefish. I almost got divorced as I asked the question to my wife "I wonder how much that tank would cost?"*

KarlS 10-06-2008 01:07 AM

That pretty amazing, the guy at the store tried to sell me that fish (Geophagus, red hump eartheater) saying it would do nicely in my tank. In teh end I do have a few days to wait, I had a mini metdown in my tank which the reson still escapes me, but I'm letting eveythign settle for about anothe 7 days before I add anything.

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