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ShawnVon 10-01-2008 11:05 AM

Fish Suggestions - 8 Gal Tank
Ok, I am a Neby to this, so Im seeking your forums advice.
I have addopted an Oceanic Biocube 8 Gallon tank. The tanks has 8 Platies (4x1" 2x3/4" 2x1/2") currently and I'm (more so my girlfriend thinks the fish are boring) thinking of adding some fish.

I was thinking of adding an African Dwarf Frog and 2 or 3 small fish? Would the Frog be a suitable roomate for the Platies?, If so, should there be a companion for the fog?

I know this is getting this tank about maxed on the amount of fish that should be in it. So does anyone have any suggetions of fish that are a little more interesting with some color that could be added to this environment?

Would bottom dwelling fish go against the inch of fish per gallon rule?

PS. Do folks often trade/give away fish? I'm guessing I wont be allowed to rest until there are some different fish in this tank, could I find a place to donate some of the Platies to reduce my tank population?

iamntbatman 10-01-2008 12:17 PM

The inch of fish per gallon rule is really a terrible one. Some people say it's more of a "guideline" than a rule, but even that's poor advice if you ask me. Different fish have different tank size requirements. You need to take into account bioload, aggression, swimming patterns, etc. when stocking fish.

I don't think the African dwarf frogs are a good idea in that tank. They're very slow, methodical eaters and tenacious fish will often eat all of the food before the frogs can get to it. In my experience, platies are really, really enthusiastic eaters (i.e. little piggies) so I'd be worried about your frogs starving. You could try it, but you'd almost definitely have to spot-feed the frogs with a turkey baster or forceps to be sure they got some food at each feeding.

As far as bioload goes, you're already pushing your stocking limits with those 8 platies, and unless they're all males you're likely going to have more than 8 of them in the near future. You could certainly give some away to friends, or even give them to a fish store. You won't likely get any credit for them, but it will give you more room in the tank. If you gave away half of them, you could probably get away with a shoal of 6 pygmy cories or six small tetras like neons or ember tetras.

qpc68 10-02-2008 11:56 AM

Most fish stores (not petco's or petsmarts) will let you trade fish in. Just call ahead and tell them what you've got.

If you got rid of all the platies, I agree that a school of small tetras and small cory's would work out pretty well. The tetra's will certainly add color while the cory's will give you a bunch of activity at the bottom of your tank.

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