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Arlene 09-29-2008 11:59 PM

Pleco with attitude
New to the site and I am a huge pleco fan! I love my guy/gal who is 6 ish now. Big guy and now he/she is a very angry fish! Pleco has been housed with bettas (one a fav. pal) and with danio's (sp?) tetras, and goldfish. Now with all of the tank mates there would be some issues. The betta's he seemed to like until recently where pleco attacked and sucked the fins off the fancy one I put into a 50g tank - there is tones of room for both or so I thought! The goldfish, well pleco would suck the fins off one group and killed them, the group before got fin rot and died so pleco did not kill them but was in the tank with them. The danio's - chased until I had to fish them out because pleco annoyed them to death and the tetra I think died of a nervous breakdown. Now pleco attacks the cat when she puts her tail or tries to drink the tank water!
I have given it some bottom feeder meat based pellets as well as the regular algae discs.
Now I would love to just add a few fish but, well dont want to help in their murder so the question is, well do they all go mean!? I put my hand in and interact with pleco every now and then and am not attacked but do they attack others out of anger, do they eat meat?! What can I do to make pleco just a happier fellow in the world! I love pleco, but I also want it to be happy! How can I facilitate in a happy fish world for it!
Any advice or suggestions would be great!

1077 09-30-2008 04:34 AM

You do not say what particular pleco you have or how large ? a photo would help. There are hundreds of species of plecos and some are territorial .Even more so as they get older. I would maybe try and provide a couple hiding or resting spots that the pleco could claim as his or her own. Some folks use driftwood that has been boiled or soaked and rinsed really well and others construct caves from rocks and yet others simply use sections of PVC plastic pipe.

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