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Leprichon 09-29-2008 09:10 PM

quarentine tank?
I have a freshwater tank and Id love to convert it to saltwater someday...everything Ive read says its very important to have a quarentine there anyone out there that doesnt maintain a quarentine "mandatory" is it to maintain a seperate quarentine tank?...I know its important to discard the water from the local fish store as you transition the fish to your tank (water tempature, chemistry,etc) (and I allready do this with my freshwater fish). Doing the same thing into a quarentine tank and then to your main tank seems a bit like I right in this? important is a quarentine tank?...

onefish2fish 09-30-2008 04:31 AM

if your adding your first fish all from the same tank at the LFS i would say this isnt so important.. but any fish after that should prob. be QT'd

as for saltwater fish. imagine spending hundreds of dollars for them all to get ich. do i need to elaborate any more?
not only that, alot of salt water fish are harvested from the wild..
really to sum it up a QT tank is to isolate a fish so if they are bearing a disease/parasite they have a chance to heal from it before introducing it into your main system.. its really better safe then sorry
honestly i personally am not as religious as i should be about QT tanks, so yes you can get away with it but its really not worth the risk.

onefish2fish 09-30-2008 04:33 AM

you can also double a QT tank as a hospital tank, so you can remove a sick/injured fish from your main display to isolate it because any medicines shouldnt be dosed to a main tank due to the fact that they are more then likely harmful to inverts

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