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eke 09-29-2008 08:46 PM

new 90 gallon tank
Hi Everyone! I am currently keeping a 45 gallon cichlid tank. Today I just picked up a 90 gallon. My question is a compatibility one, lol. I currently have 2 OB peacocks, 2 venustus, 1 electric yellow and 1 red zebra. I know the zebra may be a problem in the future, but right now they are all 2". I am really limited at our remote pet store to as what I can even buy. The only other Lake Malawi's they sell other than what I have are Kenyi, which I don't really want and electric blue alhi's and snow whites. I am finding the whole issue very confusing :shock: I was wondering if anyone could suggest a stocking amount for the 90 gallon as well as what fish I have to chose should I purchase and how many! Thanks so much in advance cause any help is much appreciated and NEEDED!!! Thanks, Elaine

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