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kritas 09-29-2008 08:00 PM

Filter types
It came to my attention, thanks to my uncle, that canister filters aren't too crash hot when it comes to filtering, and by canister filter, i mean this type:

Should I get rid of this one, and buy a HOB filter instead?
BTW, it's only a 10G tank so no flashy filters needed :wink:

iamntbatman 09-29-2008 11:16 PM

That's not a canister filter, that's usually referred to as an internal power filter. I don't use any myself, as the only one I have came in a big lot of aquarium stuff and doesn't work.

Personally, the only time I'd use one of them instead of a standard hang-on-back power filter is if the tank was positioned such as to restrict having anything hanging off of it. Regular HOB filters give you more freedom when it comes to using customized filter media, plus they generally have a large open space where you can toss in media bags with any sort of filter media such as carbon, ceramic rings, filter floss, peat, etc etc.

However, if you've already got the filter running on the tank, I strongly advise against replacing it altogether. Replacing a filter will almost assuredly lead to at least a mini-cycle. If you want to switch, I would add the new filter, let it run on the tank for a month or so, then remove the old one. Or, you could just run both for extra filtration.

kritas 10-01-2008 03:54 AM

hmm ok, I see what you mean. Sorry for my ignorance, thats what it reads on the box, hehe...

I went out and bought the HOB filter, it's kinda bulky, and doesnt allow for me to keep the lid of the tank on, so i think im going to make myself a custom hood for the tank, as I don't want too much evaporation occuring.

I'm currently running both of them together like you suggested, but I was curious........... What do you mean by add extra media? Yes the filter has alot of space inside it, but what do you do? Just throw some filter floss in the open space???

Appreciate the help :)

iamntbatman 10-02-2008 12:53 PM

You don't *have* to use any extra media, but the HOB filter gives you that option. You could do something as simple as throw some ceramic rings in the big compartment for extra surface area for bacteria to grow on. However, if you wanted to go for a "blackwater" look, you could use filter media bags full of peat or Indian almond leaves in the filter. Bags of crushed coral could be added if you wanted to increase hardness and pH. You could use media bags full of activated carbon if you wanted to remove medication from the tank. But, as you've noticed, the little internal filter doesn't have that extra space so you don't have the ability to do those things with it.

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