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Leprichon 09-29-2008 01:03 PM

pump question?
Hi all...this is my first post in this foum...
I have a 50 gal tank and Ive just purchased a pump (external)...I have the inlet for the pump water near the bottom of my tank...the water will then go through my pump and then through a fi8lter and finally back into my question is: is this setup going to work...more specifically, is it ok to have the pump sucking in unfiltered water (that may have -small- debris) and having the filter after the water has been through the pump...

willow 09-29-2008 01:11 PM

hello and welcome.
could you tell us what the filter is please,makes it easier
for me to look it up.
thanks. :)

Leprichon 09-29-2008 08:10 PM

Hi Willow,
Thanks for the welcome...Im not too sure it matters which filter Im using since it will be on the outlet side of the question is concerning weather the water going into the pump must be pure (can it contain the ocasional fish poop, uneaten food, etc) case it does matter- the filters I have in mind right now (untill I upgrade to a cansister filter later) are two hang on back type filters with bio-wheels (I believe the one is the bio-wheel 30 and the other is ----- 400gph)...

iamntbatman 09-29-2008 11:10 PM

I'm confused by the question. Are you using a wet/dry filter or sump in addition to the hang-on-back filters? The only reason you'd have a water pump is to pump water out of the aquarium and into some other container, such as a wet/dry or sump. Usually people use some sort of overflow system when using either a wet/dry or sump, then use the pump to return the water to the main display tank.

If you're only using hang-on-back filters, they pump the water into the hang-on-back portion themselves. You do not "need" any sort of prefilter - such as a sponge prefilter - on your filter intakes for either a hang-on-back or canister filter unless you've got very small fry or shrimp or some other critter that could get sucked through the intake strainer.

Leprichon 09-30-2008 09:57 AM

to clarify a bit use of the pump (external - little giant 4) is really only for the issue of no noise in the room with the tank (and also because I want to later introduce saltwater and do the dirtywork in the basement) the pump will only be moving water out of my tank and then back in (with no sump or water storage in the middle at the moment)...upon exiting the pump (and after heading back upstairs through the hose) the water will be ejected into two hang on back style filters (which I currently allready had and which also will not be running theyr motor in order to prevent noise - I later may consider a cansister inline filter instead of the hang on back types)...

willow 09-30-2008 01:02 PM

ok well that's all above my head,sorry.
i hope the other members here will be able to help you.
good luck.

Tyyrlym 09-30-2008 02:39 PM

That's very odd, in fact it seems like a borderline ridiculous amount of work to try and silence two HoBs. The main source of noise with my HoBs isn't the pump, its the flow of water back into the aquarium, which this will do nothing to silence.

Leprichon 10-01-2008 10:19 AM

Hi Tyyrlym,
your probebly right (about the amount of work involved vs payout)...however Ive got my sights set on converting to a saltwater tank in the near future, and I was looking forward to introducing the premixed saltwater (along with possibly the quarentine tank) in my basement and out of sight and not in the way...

iamntbatman 10-01-2008 12:55 PM

Here are two more things to consider:

If the pump is a floor below the floor of the house you've got the tank on, AND you've got the tank on an aquarium stand, that's a huge amount of headway to pump the water back up. You'd need an absolute monster of a pump do get the job done.

If you eventually convert the tank to saltwater, you're probably going to want to run a sump/refugium right under the tank, and you won't be using those HOB filters for anything other than water movement and possibly carbon.

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