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Aquarius Keeper 09-29-2008 01:45 AM

any dojo loach keepers out there?
I'm very curious about these creatures. I've thought about setting up a pond and raising some babies - but it would be on someone else's property so I wouldn't be able to monitor them daily. (I'm in southern California - they actually can survive in the wild in this climate)

If anyone is keeping dojos, I'm curious to know what and how often do you feed them, and what temperature parameters do you keep them?

Thank you,


Aquarius Keeper 09-29-2008 02:30 PM

Just to clarify, I wouldn't just be throwing some loaches into a body of water and leaving them - I would monitor water quality/temperature etc and do necessary maintenance ... I just wouldn't be able to do it every day.

It might have to wait until I have my own backyard, but either way I'm curious about other people's dojo raising experiences...

aquadude 12-02-2008 05:20 PM

I can't help you but there is a website called Aquarium Fish: Tropical Freshwater Fish and Saltwater Fish for Home Aquariums you could get help from.Also there is a live aquaria building in California but i don't know where.Last thing on the site you can click order and fill in some stuff and they will deliver the ordered fish right to your door.:wink:

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