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brittanyb157 09-28-2008 04:14 PM

Female Guppy Problem
I have 30 gallon tank with a variety of fish in it...I have 12 small fish in there, including my female guppy. Now, I've had her for about 2 weeks or so, along with the male that I bought (they sold in pairs) and everyone else is fine and has been fine...showing no signs of anything. Well, today she is hovering up at the top of the tank in the corner, head very close to the top, although she isn't really gasping for air or anything. When I fed she did come out and was a bit more lively and did eat. But right after that she went back to swimming in the corner.

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with her? They don't act like this close to birth do they? I'm a little bit of a newbie. o.O

iamntbatman 09-28-2008 05:41 PM

What are your water parameters? Temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels tested with a good liquid test kit would be really helpful. If you don't have one, I suggest you get one as soon as possible. The API Freshwater Master Test Kit is a good balance between ease-of-use and accuracy. In the meantime, you can take a sample of your water to your LFS (local fish store) and get them to test it for you. Make sure they tell you the exact numbers so we can help you out better.

Most problems with fish health are rooted in bad water quality so knowing these parameters is really essential. Plus, if your fish is sick, getting the water quality up to par is necessary before medicating.

Any chance you could post a picture of the fish so we could see if she's pregnant? Some of my females get somewhat lethargic when they're really far along.

okiemavis 09-28-2008 05:55 PM

It could also be that the male is harrasing her. Generally it's recommended to keep 2-3 females per male or the male can harrass the female to exhaustion.

brittanyb157 09-29-2008 04:18 PM

Thank you for the replies!

I found her dead this morning. I had just tested the water last night:
7.8 PH
0 nitrites
0 ammonia
(I don't know about nitrates, that doesn't come in my kit I don't think)

I'm not sure what happened...

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