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Aquarius Keeper 09-27-2008 11:24 AM

frog community tank?
This is a follow up to my tree frog question - really a pipe dream at the moment because I have my hands full, but maybe next year ...

...anyone had any success with a full-on frog community tank? I know with amphibians there is always a questions of toxic skin, etc, so the research would have to be pretty thorough to keep one species from poisoning the others.

I was thinking a three-tiered setup with dry land, deep water, and a small shallow water section - african dwarf frogs, small tree frogs (red eyes get to be about the same size as the ADF) and something terrestrial of similar size - probably would want at 20H aquarium at least...

Anybody successfully kept different species of frogs together?

willow 09-27-2008 03:14 PM

sounds like a fantastic idea,i don't know if anyone here
keeps different species of frog together though.
my sister has some different ones,
however hers are species only.

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