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jones57742 12-12-2006 11:44 PM

Brain Dead & Ph

The reasons that I am asking this "silly question" are

1) I believe that brain is "well done" from posting time for invoices and

2) much more importantly

a) I have some wood in my tank which I had removed the tannins from before I induced fish some 8 months ago;

b) Chris put in two air bars and one air disk diffusers as she "likes watching the bubbles";

c) I had been "turning on the air" at night in order to compensate for the oxygen being comsumed by the plants;

d) she had placed one of the wood pieces on a portion of the disc diffuser;

e) three days ago I noticed that the water in the 2nd chamber of my sump (not in the tank) had a very, very slight yellow tint (it is normally crystal clear due to the quantity of biological and mechanical filtration media in my sump);

f) the air was apparently causing additional tannins in the wood to "dissolve in the water";

g) I ran the TetraTest kit tests and Ph was low;

h) I decided to not use Ph Up as I do not "like" instantaneous changes of water parameters in my tank;

h) I put a "holey rock" (just plain "ole Edwards Plateau Limestone") in my sump (ie. calcium carbonate).

Am I correct "here" in that CaCO3 will raise the Ph?


Lupin 12-12-2006 11:59 PM

Re: Brain Dead & Ph

Originally Posted by jones57742
Am I correct "here" in that CaCO3 will raise the Ph?

Hi Jones.:wave:

I was reading this one.
Edit: In my understanding, calcium carbonate are lime deposits. Yes, they do raise the pH.

MilitantPotato 12-13-2006 12:51 AM

Yep, ittle slowly raise your PH, test every couple of days to keep an eye on KH, GH and PH to make sure it's not swinging alot.

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