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Kim 09-26-2008 02:56 PM

Gourami questions
Ok, so since my betta can't go into my 15 gallon tank (current is too strong), I was thinking of a gourami instead. Right now the tank has 3 bronze corys and 2 male guppies (these are small, only about 1" full grown). I will be getting another 3 corys soon. My tank is fully cycled, and it has a pH of 7.6. I was thinking either a honey, sparkling, or some variation of dwart gourami. Since I have never had gouramis before, I am looking for imput on which type would go best/be the least prone to disease for my tank.

Also, where do you people get your fish. The only good place near here closed their fish department, so I was thinking about ordering them from but they are really pricey especially with shipping. Does anyone know of a good place in NH, or can tell me of their experience with liveaquaria?


iamntbatman 09-26-2008 05:06 PM has a pet shop directory with pet stores listed. People can include their comments and rate the stores. I've found tons of fish stores in my area through it.

Here's the page for NH:

I have a regular male dwarf gourami that was one of my very first fish. I got him at Wal-mart, and he's still going strong. He's a little rambunctious. He never bothers my cories, but sometimes he'll chase a danio for no particular reason. He also got in fights with my kribs while they were raising fry. Only the female krib is in the tank now and they get along fine. He doesn't seem to like much water flow, but he's about ten times better at dealing with current than my male bettas have been. Honey gouramis are supposed to be friendlier and I don't think they have the disease concerns of regular dwarf gouramis. Sparkling gouramis are also very nice, but I haven't seen any in my area.

Kim 09-26-2008 08:12 PM

Thanks for the reply, that site was helpful. Ok, so since I am not looking for any aggression, I am leaning toward the honey or sparkling gourami. Should I just get one, or will two get along. If I get two, what genders should they be? Thanks.

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