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matt_bet 12-12-2006 04:25 AM

Unknown Colourful Goby ?? NEW PICS
hi, :D
have two of this species of fish in my aquarium which i collected from a local estuary. It is around 15 cm long and appears to be a goby. i collected it from nsw, australia but cannot not find what it is and would like to know cause its really cool.
matt[img][/img] :D

Lupin 12-12-2006 04:30 AM

Nice goby, Matt.:shock2: I'm not an expert though.:mrgreen:

caferacermike 12-12-2006 06:34 AM

I've not seen anything like that offered around here. Looks very nice. In fact I wish they were for sale around here.

Melissa 12-12-2006 06:50 AM

This is a very beautiful and interesting looking goby. Unforunately i personally have never seen a goby like this for sale.

caferacermike 12-12-2006 05:42 PM

Could you get us a ton of specific pics? It kind of looks to be a jawfish of sorts. Jawfish, blennies, and gobies are all very similar but not the same. I'd like to see the bottom side to see if the fins are fused like a suction cup. If so then it is a goby. But please submit a few hundred or so pics.

matt_bet 12-12-2006 07:38 PM

thanks for the interest everyone,
i have a few other gobies which i cant identify either?
the colourful goby also turns completly black with a white band along the top of its body when stressed. Its fins are seperated at the bottom but dont have a good photo yet of it with all its fins out but will try and get a good pic. Its territorial and both have set up camp on either side of the tank in their own rock caves.

This fish is a eastern threefin and they love seaweed and saltwater plants in the tank.

The picture below is a common eastern sand goby (i think) and is extremely easy to keep, they love feeder fish and anything algae.

the picture below is an annoying and extremely stupid toadfish. we have recently gotton rid of them, those who live in australia would know them, they are a pest yet extremely colourful and we thought we would see what they are like, but they cause soo much trouble.

we also have blackfish and starfish and anemenies and urchins and they all live together heaps well. all australian.

Lupin 12-12-2006 07:42 PM

:shock2: Stunning gobies.:shock2:
I like the toadfish best.:thumbsup:

matt_bet 12-12-2006 07:48 PM

seriously, if you had the toadfish you would be flushing it. not that i did, i let it free humanely. they eat all your plants and ruin your tank.

Lupin 12-12-2006 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by matt_bet
seriously, if you had the toadfish you would be flushing it. not that i did, i let it free humanely. they eat all your plants and ruin your tank.

I'm just admiring your toadfish.:mrgreen: Can't go over for brackish and marines anyway.:mrgreen:

squiggles 12-14-2006 10:23 AM

ur fish are very cool. i love gobies, they're all so interesting. the only goby i have is a violet goby tho. sorry never seen one like yours either.

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