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yippee 09-19-2008 02:18 AM

5 gallon betta tank suggestions
i did my research on the eclipse/marineland hexagon 5 gallon tanks and saw that everyone has problems with the filters. i was walking through the store one day and realized they had them on sale for like half the price of pretty much every similar sized tank. i ended up going against my better judgment and decided i would try it for the price. naturally i got it set up and the filter wasnt filtering. you could here something, but no water was pumping. i messed with it and eventually got it to work, although it still doesnt seem like it pumps enough water.. but then again the low current will probably work well for a betta. I'm not positive whether i should take it down and try to return it or to hold onto it and see how it turns out. i was convinced to take it back, but havent found anything in the 5-7 gallon range that i was hugely impressed by. i can either keep it, get another similar sized tank, or go 10 gallon. the only thing with the 10 is i hate wasting the room of a 10 gallon with just one fish. i know the betta would enjoy the space, it just seems like lots of room to be wasting.

iamntbatman 09-19-2008 11:22 AM

Those all-in-one systems tend to be a lot more expensive than if you just bought the stuff individually. Why not get a standard 5.5 gallon tank and get the lights, canopy, filter, heater etc. individually? That is, if you can return the tank in the first place.

yippee 09-19-2008 11:37 AM

originally that was the route i thought about going, but i was looking around and figured i'd spend more on it than i would the hex, so i settled for the hex :?

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