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littlenite 09-17-2008 12:53 PM

Plant ideas
Hi a newbie here! After looking over fish for over a month we are going to go get our new tank next week, but now I've hit a little snagg. At first I was just planning to use plastic and/or silk plants since I kill regular planted plants, but now I'm thinking about it since it seems a lot of the fish we are getting like real plants.
How hard is it to keep up? And keep them alive? What plants should I be looking at?

Here's what we are getting by the way
20gal tank
whisper 20 power filter
100 watt heater
hood w/light
I was planning on gravel(will that work?)

2 zebra oto
1 albino oto
6 neon tetra
6 glo-lights
6 guppies
(and maybe an african dwarf frog)

sinadyan 09-17-2008 07:33 PM

one of the most important things with plants is havung enough light for the plants you choose, 1 watt per gallon is considered low light, while 2-3 watts per gallon is medium, and anything above is high. You need to select plants that will grow with the lighting you choose. or select lights that will grow the plants you like. Do you know the wattage of the light that you will be buying? I grow my planys in a gravel substrate, but I also use root tab fertiluzer and Flourish Exzcel which puts an organic CO2 in the water. With the correct lights, and planys that grow under that light, you should be o k. I am sure others here will be able to add more info

onefish2fish 09-17-2008 10:23 PM

gravel will work just be careful with heavy rooters like amazon sword plants
a liquid fertilizer that is aquarium safe should be purchased and dosed as instructions state on the bottle.

2-3 watts per gallon will be good enough for pretty much most plants - just make sure its a full spectrum light bulb ( usually can be bought cheaper from a hardware store then a fish store )

African dwarf frogs in my opinion dont hear the dinner bell and when you feed your tank they dont get a chance to eat.. the fish usually gobble it up before they even realize they've been fed. they arnt hard to keep if you have the patience to selectively feed them or have a seperate tank for them. if you do decide to go with an ADF for your tank id make sure its an ADF and not an african clawed frog ( which grow larger and ive heard they eat fish )

id recommend doing as much research as possible before making any purchases to safe you a headache and your hard earned money.
petsmart/petco and actual local fish stores have sold plants not made for aquatic use.

a few plants that are quite forgiving are java moss, anarcharis and hornwort but there are others.. take a browse on for plants that you like then google their requirements ( lighting,max growth size etc etc. )

any more questions feel free to ask away.

ohh and if you havnt cycled your tank or know what cycling a tank is, google Fishless Cycle and you'll find some helpful information
and when you do decide your ready for fish add slow, dont add your entire list all at once or theres good chance some will die do to a spike in the water..

littlenite 09-18-2008 01:06 PM

Thanks for all the info. I didn't even think about what watt light to use.

Don't worry I've heard all about the clawed frog I don't like them, those claws are scary looking. :wink:

Thanks for the cycling advice I know a little, but I'll check out that site to make sure I have all the right info. I was planing on starting w/the neons and oto first then go from there.

Now I have to figure out what plants I want! :D

onefish2fish 09-18-2008 10:02 PM

ive personally never kept ottos.. but from what ive heard they are quite fragile.. they do best in a more established aquarium with algaes growing for a food source and they do best i groups... i guess you can supplement there food with algae wafers for the time being but like i said ive never kept ottos

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