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dorsalfin 09-15-2008 04:34 PM

Inexplicable death
I have a 38 gall eclipse with teh standard filtration of that brand. It was a successful aquarium until our recent move, which none survived due to a huge error on my part.
I filled the tank using the same gravel and bought 5 platties. Within days, 2 had died. Another died about a week later. My water was tested using liquid testing 3 times and has been found to have levels of 0. The fish store man thought perhaps they had spiked and killed off most the fish and then gone back down. He thought it'd be fine now. So I bought 2 angels. w/in a few days, one died. I exchanged him for another, who was dead by the next afternoon.

I don't want to kill off anymore until I figure out what is going on - but it's a decent size tank - 2 tiny little angels shouldn't have been able to create a huge toxin problem...

I have lost more fish in the past month than I think I've ever lost total (excluding the unfortunate massacre when we moved) Help? I feel like a fish murderer.

onefish2fish 09-16-2008 01:07 AM

your sure that all levels test 0? i think with the move your tank would "cycle" all over again unless you kept the original gravel wet and didnt wash it.

what test kit do you use?
what temp. is the tank?
what about the pH of the water? (sure this isnt the problem but you never know)
i find it very hard to believe that your levels spiked ( well i believe that ) and then went back down ( i dont believe that )
think of anything and everything that could be effecting the water quality..
( smoke in the house? perfume? cleaning supplies? soaps? . . . )

dorsalfin 09-16-2008 01:24 PM

It had been over a month by the time I went to get it checked/get more - it doesn't seem too far fetched that it could have stabilized. It just seems odd that 5 small fish would have ever created that much of a problem in a decent sized tank....

It was first tested at PetSmart with test strips, but it was obvious the guy had no aquarium knowledge. Then, the staff at Aquarium World used the liquid tests. I don't know the brand. Tested it, he said it was zero and that I should be good to add a few, but take it slowly. Waited a few days (I'd forgotten my debit card), tested again and bought 2 fish. Tested it AGAIN after the one died. Have not been back since the exchange fish died....

The gravel was still wet - transferred from one site to the next within about 2 hours. I didn't do anything with it - should I have? I siphoned out all the water, moved the aquarium and filled it back up with fresh water
Ph I don't know... don't think they tested that.
My heater is set at 76.
non smoking house, no perfume/colognes used by anybody, have not used any cleaning supplies in the room with teh aquarium (Beleive It natural cleaner used in nearby kitchen and baths). There is new carpet through the whole house - I know that's not healthy, but that shouldn't be killing them, should it?

I've thought about a partial water change, but I am leery about doing anything, because I don't want to harm the 3 that are still hanging on....

Amphitrite 09-16-2008 01:42 PM

What has been your water change routine - i.e how ofter do you do a change, and how much water do you change?

Is the water you are adding at approximately the same temperature as that which you take out?

And I would strongly advise that you get your own liquid test kit and start testing on a regular basis and keeping a record of it. If all your readings are at zero then I would suspect that you tank isn't cycled.

willow 09-18-2008 04:21 AM

Re: Inexplicable death
could you say what the error was,as the answers could lay within.
Angel fish will not survive in a tank like yours at the moment.sorry.

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