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Jeanifur 09-15-2008 12:44 AM

Tips/Trics for Ick or Velvet...
1. Size of aquarium (# of gallons) 42
2. Is your aquarium setup freshwater or brackish water? fresh
3. How long the aquarium has been set up? apox 5 months
4. What fish and how many are in the aquarium (species are important to know) 4 Gauromis, 2 fem Wag Plattys, 1 Male Wag Platty (some babies)
5. Are there live plants in the aquarium? Yes Mondo grass mostly
6. What temperature is the tank water currently? Now, set to 82 degrees as medication calls for
7. What make/model filter are you using? Um ... came with the kit?!?
8. Are you using a CO2 unit? No
9. Does your aquarium receive natural sunlight at any given part of the day? Not directly
10. When did you perform your last water exchange, and how much water was changed? 25% 2 days ago (2 days before I noticed the spots)
11. How often do you perform water changes? Monthly
12. How often and what foods do you feed your fish? Flakes, apox 2x a day. I usually feed little .. they eat it all .. then a little more ... watch.. then a little more (and I mean LITTLE)
13. What type of lighting are you using and how long is it kept on? The bulb for plants. Aprox 10-12 hrs/day
14. What specific concerns bring you here at this time? It's either Ick or Velvet, she is already in the 10 gal. Hosp tank
15. What are your water parameters? Test your pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Normal... took water to PetSmart when I went to get meds for a 2nd pair of eyes... they concurred water is normal
16. What test kit are you using and is it liquid or test strips? liquid (as recommended by this site)
17. When was the last time you bought a fish and how did they behave while in the pet store tank? 3 days ago... the new fish (2 female blue Gauromies, seem perfectly normal) The boys chase them... they run away :) Normal.

I set up the hosp. tank right away (with water from 40 gallon, no worries on new tank syndrome) Pet Smart said to add bacteria ... so I did ... also added aquarium salt.... poor thing went into labor ... babies moved to breeder net. I put meds into both tanks, added salt, ... turned up temp to 82 degrees. I dont notice anything on the rest of the fish and this female didn't look like this 2 days ago. I THINK I am off to a good start ... Tips??? Trics??? Did I totally screw this up???

iamntbatman 09-15-2008 01:09 AM

Just to clear it's one of the female platies that has the ich/velvet, right? You can tell the difference between the two by the size of the white spots. Ich is much larger, about the size of a grain of salt, while velvet is *tiny*.

What type of medication are you using? Some ich medications already contain salt, so you don't want to overdo it. Do you have a filter on the 10g hospital tank? Just adding water from the 40 gallon isn't going to stop your 10g tank from going through "new tank syndrome." You'd be much better off if there's a filter you could move from the 40g to the 10g. If not an entire filter, then at least try to move some filter media. I keep a few small filters on some of my bigger tanks that can be easily moved for this purpose (sponge filters are especially good). Just be sure you aren't using any sort of activated carbon in your filters while you're medicating. Keep an eye on the water parameters in the 10g tank, as ammonia or nitrite spikes could be deadly for a fish that's already sick. Also, you should crank up the heat a bit more on the hospital tank. 84 degrees should be good, but be sure to raise it gently. It'll speed up the life cycle of the parasite.

1077 09-15-2008 04:26 AM

You really should change 20 to 25 percent of your water each week rather than once a month. It would not hurt to vaccum a portion of the bottom of the tank at each water change a different area each time. Also Mondo grass is not a true aquatic plant and eventually the roots will begin to rot and the plant will die. Some of the dwarf gouramis are prone to viruses which studies indicate can be passed on to other fish. Some of these viruses are untreatable.

Jeanifur 09-19-2008 08:52 PM

Sadly she died. :(
The 10 gallon tank, I used the water from the original 40 gal tank to avoid new tank syndrome. I took the filter fromt the 40 gallon and used it with the 10 gallon to avoid fresh carbon. The pet store told me to add salt WITH the medicine they gave me. I slowly raised the heat in the 10 gallon. So ... over all I DID follow directions well. Okay .. I feel a little better as I did what I could. I just wanted to respond here incase someone else reads this to know that you can do everything by the book ... and still lose your fish. :( It truly is in god hands at that point. <sigh, still sad though>

Thanks for the responses! I do vacumme my tank with every change, and with start doing 20% changes weekly. Didn't know that about Mondo grass.. if they don't do much, I will replace them with something that will! Thanks!

iamntbatman 09-19-2008 09:09 PM

Sorry to hear about your fish. Sadly, even when you do everything right it's sometimes not enough. What medicine were you using for the fish? Knock on wood, I've always been able to handle ich with just a temperature bump, but some medications are better than others so it might be good to be extra prepared for any future outbreaks.

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