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Admin_Yungster 05-15-2013 09:47 AM

TFK Suggestions and Feedback Guideline
Hello TFK community,

Welcome to the TFK Feedback and Suggestions forum area. The TFK team has decided to open up an area for your feedback and suggestions. Unlike the present Members Discuss with Moderators section which is private, this new area will be public to all members. The purpose of this new area is for you to give us suggestions on how to improve the experience here on TFK. Additionally, you can give us feedback, ask questions or point out tech related glitches on TFK.

Please do NOT use this area to "call out" moderators. If you have an issue with how a moderator(s) handled a certain situation, we respectfully ask that you use the private forum area and/or the PM system. We are very aware that not every decision we make will be received with 100% agreement from everyone. We do not plan to run or hide from our decisions but like yourself, we respectfully ask that you allow the process to be settled privately (in the event you have a disagreement with how a situation was handled).

Other than that, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. The standard rules of TFK apply to this forum area as well so if you are unfamiliar with the rules of TFK, please review them here.

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