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Mustang Boy 09-11-2008 09:53 PM

Dream Tank
I was just wondering what all of yalls dream tank is. Now the tank can be any size and shape cause it is a dream tank and what would be the inhabitants?

Ill start

My dream tank would be ~8in deep and ~6in high and would go between my wall and ceiling(right there in that corner where they meet) and it would go throughout the entire house(except bathroom). There would be a little flap right above the tank a few inches before the ceiling where there would be periodic openings in the tank where i could net fish or access different things in the tank. all of the lighting and power cables would be run through the ceiling. I would have a canister filter for the main filter with sponge filters placed strategically around so there is guaranteed to be filtration everywhere, along with powerheads placed randomly to make sure there is water movement in every part of the tank. The tank would be heated but a bunch of small heaters placed throughout the tank with an inline heater on the cannister filter for a little extra. I would house many schools of different kinds of tetra, a few schools of each of the small cory species, fancy guppy(not sure if i would include females or not cause the tank could quickly fill up if i included them), and maybe some other small fish that would fit. I would have small broad leaved plants placed throughout the tank.

So that is my dream tank what is all of yalls

onefish2fish 09-11-2008 11:03 PM

this is easy, aquarium safe silicone all the cracks in my bedroom, 2-3 foot deep sand bed, fill the water up leaving a 2-3 foot space from the ceiling, inflate an air matress and float it to sleep on.. cut a hole in the ceiling to get in and out.. 20000lbs live rock lol, angling it up in certain areas to create shallow areas with all sorts of corals and fish and critters.. and then i get to spend my life outside sitting by my window staring in :D lol id prob. even snorkle in it

theres also aquarium cars that look pretty sick to, youtube it! its a car sealed out and full of fish..

iamntbatman 09-11-2008 11:05 PM

I'm not sure if it's even remotely possible, but I think it would be awesome to have a "self-sustaining" tank. I would have filtration and water flow in the tank, but the goal would be to have enough plants to have a complete nitrogen cycle. I would also have herbivorous fish (big schools of silver dollars would be cool) to eat the plants and thus complete the cycle. I would also want to have huge schools of tetras and hopefully enough ground cover for them to keep their populations up. It would also have a few bigger predatory fish to keep the populations of smaller fish in check. I'm not sure if I'd go for a really specific biotope, but all of the fish would probably be Central/South American. The tank would have to be huge, on the order of those 50,000 gallon monster tanks.

Meatpuppet 09-11-2008 11:05 PM

that will be quite the electric bill

i would knock out my 18' long wall and put some big tank (400 gallons?)
fill it with like 60 neon tetras 15 cories and a few black ghost knife fish and bleeding heart tetras.
mine will have adequet filtering and heating and Co2. and a moon light lighting.

there will be plenty of driftwood and natural caves. and alot live thin/ narrow leaf plants throughout the tank.

onefish2fish 09-11-2008 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by Meatpuppet
that will be quite the electric bill.

right, i forgot to add i would run an extension cord to meatpuppet's outdoor plug.

Meatpuppet 09-12-2008 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by onefish2fish

Originally Posted by Meatpuppet
that will be quite the electric bill.

right, i forgot to add i would run an extension cord to meatpuppet's outdoor plug.

too late i was planning to do that to yours :P

willow 09-12-2008 05:24 PM

my dream tank.............a marine tank,with those funky red shrimpies.
gosh i love those little guys...............
failing that a beautiful fresh water tank that i was actually
happy with the way it looked.

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