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zerlinafish 09-06-2008 09:25 AM

Dead Mickey Mouse Platy...HELP
My sunburst Mickey mouse Platy that was hiding and liked to bottom sit died overnight. I found her in her corner of the tank. I thought something was a little off when she would not come up with the others to eat last night. The other fish were not harassing her or nipping at her as far as I could see.

I have only had the Platys since Thursday...:-(

The other fish are all seemingly fine. I tested This AM. Parameters were ok. Nitrites were detected (just barely registered), Nitrates about 20 and Ammonia was about .5. Not great, but not enough at this point to be terribly dangerous. I thought the cycle was done! Could it be that the guppies may have dropped some fry?

I did a 25% water change on Thursday. I will do a water change tomorrow. Should I do a bigger change? I don't want to stress the others out with a huge change.

In my 10 gallon: 3 little neon tetras, 3 guppies (1 male/2 female) and (now) 2 Mickey Mouse Platys.

My question: Are the Platys ok with just2 of them? I think one is male and one is female. I do not want to replace the female sunburst to have her die again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


chrisandmarie 09-09-2008 06:32 AM

hi did you add bits of water after 5 min inervules ,if not it could be they not got use to the water ,or it could be shock

willow 10-02-2008 01:44 PM

sorry for your loss. :(
water changes need to be kept up,to lessen the effect of
the amonia and nitrites in your tank, i don't think you
can afford anymore fish,however you will need to watch
the platys as the males can harass the females really badly.
this picture may help you to see what the sex is of the platys

fishman09 12-30-2008 11:18 AM

probally really stressed, or shock

fishboy5000 01-10-2009 07:14 AM

the dying thing usualy happens to me between 1-3 days for one of my fish and the rest sre fine I always buy one to six fish at a time and I have gotten used to one of my fish dying I think it's from shock of moving from one tank to another or the transport method (mine is car). I have some platys now and one of my fish died on day 2 in my tank, when I did water tests nothing turned up and the rest of my fish have not gotten diseased since then.

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