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closeyetfar 09-02-2008 03:51 PM

White cotton ball thingy???
I have a thing on my rocks that looks like a white cotton ball. I was wondering if anyone knew what this was. My initial thought was that it may be a sea sponge of some type but im not sure so im asking others if they have any clue. Thanks for the help.

Pasfur 09-02-2008 10:27 PM

Can you post a pic?

onefish2fish 09-02-2008 10:28 PM

im curious to see this pic, i think i have the same thing.

closeyetfar 09-04-2008 07:50 AM

camera cant zoom in far enough to get a good pic everything is fuzzy if i try to zoom in and you cant make anything out...not even the hermit crabs...i guess its about time to invest in a new camera but it looks just like cotton if you picked it off of the plant and put it on the live rock...sorry i cant get a pic ive been looking online to see if i can find anything close to what it looks like

DJOstrichHead 09-19-2008 01:59 AM

pineapple sponge?

some kind of calcerous sponge?

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