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podaisy45 08-31-2008 09:04 AM

Tiger Barb behavior normal or not?
I have a 55 gal. tank and several fish (all mildly aggressive) from tiger barbs to gouramies..all of which are fun to watch...however I have noticed that the tiger barbs are acting unusually different. They are now swimming with their noses pointed downward and staying together almost hovering in no paticular area but they stay together. Their bodies look quite normal just that their color changes as if they are getting darker, they almost look as if they are vibrating or shivering. I have had them for several months now and just started this behavior.

Pasfur 08-31-2008 11:01 AM

This is common behavior, especially after feeding time.

podaisy45 08-31-2008 03:56 PM

Thanks for the info, but I do have one more question, is it normal even if the barbs hovering for several hours? And if this is normal, it sure looks strange.


Pasfur 08-31-2008 07:33 PM

I have found this behavior is reduced if you feed wet foods, rather that dry foods that float. I personally wet my flakes prior to feeding them.

podaisy45 08-31-2008 08:42 PM

I'll try that
Well I must say, I'm impresses with the responses. I will try the wet foods and see what happens. Many thanks

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