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RLHam3 08-31-2008 08:40 AM

i have a 10 gallon. i was wondering if i could use it to breed firemouths or convicts. i have 2 2.5 inch male and female firemouths right now in a 30 gal but so far nothing has happened. i've read that a smaller aquarium might help.
if the 10 gallon is a bad idea for both fire mouths and convicts, then please give me some pointers on the 30. right now i have a school of 4 tiger barbs as dither fish. the water temp is about 78 F. i have two flower pots in opposite sides of the tank. the bottom is cut out on one. i have recently started feeding them tropical flakes, frozen and freeze dired blood worm, and floating cichlid pellets. any suggestions?

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