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Janey 08-30-2008 03:14 PM

55 gallon aquarium
First post and sorry it is so long

I currently have a 30 gallon tall but will be getting a 55 gallon from a friend today. After it is done cycling I will be transfering the current fish to it but would like to add a few more but am having issues deciding what.

Ok so what I have now is:
2 dwarf gouramis
3 male guppies
12 assorted platies
and 3 apple snails
all who will be going into the 55 gallon except 4 of the platies only the males will be making the transfer since they breed a lot!

What would go well with these fish?

I do not like neon tetras (have always had bad luck with them)
And if you suggest a large fish I would only want 1 or 2 I like community tanks more.

I have never been able to decide on a center piece fish that really stands out among the others so those suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And what sort of bottom feeders do you think would do well?

beweeb 08-30-2008 03:56 PM

how about 6 speckled corys

katfish 09-16-2008 09:49 AM

I love corycats. =] Juliis and Emeralds are my faves.

I have an angelfish in mine for a centerpiece. But some can be aggresive.

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