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Charlie 08-27-2008 05:47 PM

Angelfish pairing off
Hi. I have 4 angelfish, currently, in a 55 gallon tank. I think 2 of them have paired off--they protect half of the tank with substantial vigor, chasing the two others away, sometimes getting into little quarrels with them if they don't immediately leave.

Question: Would it lessen to the aggression and ease the fish a little bit if I added 2 more (to a total of six) angelfish? Would they all fit? Besides the angels, I also have 2 synodontis eupterus, a red tailed shark, and 5 zebra danios.

I got the tank on Sunday, so I'm by no means an angelfish expert. Would it cause more problems than it solves if another pair forms? What about other dither fish, maybe more danios, or another schooling (less nippy than the danios probably--they came with the tank) fish? Also, what if the angels actually spawn? I don't really want angel babies, so what would happen if I left them in the big tank with all the other fish?

sinadyan 08-30-2008 04:02 PM

Adding more angels will not lessen aggression, only spread it out more, I would rehome the nonpaired angels. In my 55 with a pair of angels, I have platties, cories, glolight tetras, and a pleco. I dont know if you could get a dwarf gourami or a ram, Others will be able to help you there. If the angels breed and survive to fry, Unless you feed them baby brine shrimp, they will starve. Chances are they will not survive in a community tank

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