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Violence 08-27-2008 05:12 PM

Need emergency help!!!
This is my first post, so Hi everyone.

Alright, I have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium. I have 10 Sailfin Mollies in it, Three Pleco's (Keeping temporarily after saving them, I'll keep them until they outgrow the tank and I already have a home for them when that happens), three Golden Apple Snails, and 8 Cory Panda's. I also had a 1 inch Yellow Lab Cichlid in the tank (Which is in a breeding net and I have to keep him until tomorrow, emergency favor for a fish keeper which tank shattered).

My levels and temp are all good and I use the liquid test (0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 7.4 PH, Temp. is of 79 right now- this currently varies from 78 to 80). I feed my fish a variety of foods; Brine-Shrimp, Algae Pellets, Sinking tropical fish food, Mosquito Larvae, Blood Worms, Zucchini, Spinach, Skinless Peas- to prevent swim bladder, skinless Grapes, Fruit Flies. I feed them a bit of everything a few times a day, usually the small foods (Brine-Shrimp, Larvae, Fruit Flies, sinking Tropical Fish food and Blood worms are all eaten not creating any wasted) as for the veggies and Sinking Algae Wafers, I throw them in for the night and the next day I remove them.

For the lighting, I never turn the aquarium lights on, they get the “ambient” light which is very present for about 10 hours a day without direct sunlight.

I have rocks (rocks that won't create a surplus of calcium and so on). Wood, a lot of plants and hiding spots. Half of my tanks back wall has a bubble/air stone on it- horizontally. Two other corners of the tank also have air stones/bubbler on it. My filter is a Aqua-Tech 70-80. I only keep the bio-sponge in it, no carbon (except if I put some medication in it which never happened, and I use it after water changes for it to absorb heavy-metals and other things for 24 hours after the water changes). I also use water de-chlorinating (I have no clue how to spell that, the liquid that kills the chlorine) as instructed when I perform water changes. I do water changes once every 10 days- I change 25% of the water, more often if needed. I siphon the gravel once every 6 weeks. My tank has been running for about four months now. The last water change was done today. The gravel used is the “polished” type so none of my fish and Cory's will have problems. (I tried sand, but it didn't work at all).

I got my fish in this order: Three Pleco's Three Sailfin Mollies, four Cory Panda's. A month later (three months ago) I bought 6 more Cory Panda's (which are full size now), and 8 Mollies. I kept 6 African Cichlids for a week and now I only have one in the breeding net (we gave them away) and the other one is going back tomorrow and I keep him in a breeding net at the moment.

Today I found one of my first “baby” Cory's dead and one of the “adult” ones. I decided to remove all the decoration and fish to examine them to see if any of them have an illness. All my fish seem fine except this:

All my Cory Panda's seem as if they have ragged dorsal fins. The smaller Cory's (the first ones I had) also have their dorsal fins a bit ragged but their tails seem also ragged. They can swim and are still active. But when I first got the four babies, they all used to rush up and down, go into the bubbler and they used to have fun, now they seem calmer and this makes me worried.

1-Will their fins grow back?
2-Should I medicate? And if so, with what? (Currently I only have API, it contain Neuroflavine and Povidone/Colloid and creates a harmless green color in the water, it treats contagious fungal infection, works fast and adds slime coat for further protection... I'm writing what's on the bottle- Is it any good?).
3- Will they live? Will they be fine?
4- Is there something else I should do?

Now, I noticed one of my Orange Male Mollies has a crooked mouth. He seems injured, (I think it's mouth rot. The stores are closed. I could put him in a small hospital tank with a API medicine??) He's barely moving.

5- Will he die?
6- What do I do?
7- Did this happen to anyone before? How did you deal with it?
Direct link:
Direct link:

Two-three days ago I noticed one of the female Mollies swimming upside down. I know it's Swim Bladder Disease, she probably over-ate. She's VERY active, just, upside-down. I fed her Brine-Shrimp in a separate tank, skinless peas. But she's still upside-down. She's still swimming and still active, but she seems very tired of being like that.

8- What else should I do?
9- Will she be fine?

Here are the pictures, the green stuff is peas and there's some Mosquito Larvae:
Direct link:
Direct link:
Direct link:
Direct link:

And last question. I need to keep the Cichlid in the breeding net because I know he/she has been nipping on some of my Cory Panda's fins, so I keep him far from the others.

10- Will he be fine?

I hope I was precise enough.

jeaninel 08-27-2008 06:22 PM

I've used Furan 2 for mouth fungus on my rainbows before with good results. It is contagious so you may have to treat the whole tank. Treat for as long as it takes to clear it up doing 30% water changes every 3rd day. The meds didn't harm my bio bacteria but test your water often just to be sure.

Sorry, I don't have any experience with swim bladder disease so I can't help you there.

Oh, and welcome to Fishforum!

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