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-BB- 08-25-2008 05:26 PM

New here!
Hello everyone! My name is Ana and i used to have fish but they died a month or 2 ago, i miss them they were 2 years old (tropical fruit tetras). I am not sure what happend. I had to take my snails to the river because they were over crowding my tank, it was those mini snails... so when i got back home i washed the tank and the fish started to die. I have 3 2 died that same day, the other one died the next day... and about 3 years ago i had a tank with 4 goldfish 1 pleco. My goldfish got intoxicated with STUPID WALMART FILTER CARTIDGE THING UGH!!!!!!!! I cried so much they were 4 years old.. We were about to get them a new tank that weekend! For my birthdy i asked my mom for a fish tank I'm thinking 20 gallons, but my birthday is till march...anyway..
I love this place it rocks :) and I am new here =)

iamntbatman 08-25-2008 10:47 PM

Hello Ana, and welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear about your past fish losses. Hopefully here you will be able to learn more about fishkeeping so as to avoid making mistakes and have happy, healthy fish!

Do you still have a tank that you're working on now, or will your leap back into the hobby not be coming until you get that tank in March? Even if you're not setting up a tank until then, it certainly doesn't hurt to get started on researching the hobby so that when you're ready to start your tank, you'll already know a lot.

A 20 gallon tank is certainly a lot better than starting out with a betta bowl, but if you're not getting it until March, maybe you could save some extra money between now and then so that you can get an even bigger tank? Bigger tanks are more forgiving and give you more options for what to put in them. Also, you can save a *lot* of money by getting fish tanks and all of the equipment used. is a good resource, since you can wait until someone puts up a really good deal.

willow 09-05-2008 06:12 PM

hello and welcome. :)

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