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Bethaliz 08-24-2008 10:36 PM

Betta Question

So I decided instead of tossing my 2 gallon, I'd get a betta. Which I did from Petsmart, because they have a health guarentee, if your fish go the way of the dodoo in 2 weeks they'll replace the fish!

So I got a female Betta. I know their not as flashy as the males, but the rest of my fish are female so I might as well stick with the same (I know there not in the same tank so it doesn't really matter). Anyway, it's hard to tell wheather the bettas are in good shape or not as they're all in these litte cups so they dont get to swim freely. I picked the nicest of the bunch, but when I got her home and in the 2 gallon, I noticed that her fins are in tatters. Does this mean she's ill? Is there something I can do to help her regrow her fins?

And is there anything I can put in the tank with her? like are 2 female bettas able to fit in a 2gallon (I mean they do live in these tiny bowls......)?

Dtld9 08-24-2008 11:16 PM

1 betta in a 2G is pushing the limit. If the tank is cycled and the parameters are kept at good levels and water temp is kept around 78* the fins will grow back fine.

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