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beetlebz 08-24-2008 04:25 AM

ammonia in my tap ><
so out of frustration with the health of my tanks, I decided to check my tap water params again.

ammonia between .25 and .50 ppm, and nitrate between 5 and 10ppm. GRR. Well im sure thats at least SOME of where the ammonia is coming from, but 1) is it possible that that much ammonia could be keeping my tanks from cycling completely? the ammonia level was a smidge higher in my 29g than my tap water, so that would lead me to believe the ammonia is still accumulating as it should NOT in the 29g itself.

and the big question... If I go with something like purapad, or filter bags with pura complete or any kind of filtration media to remove nitrates and ammonia, will this solve my problem, and not negatively affect my plants?

I cant see spending the money for crystal rock, nor a RO filter system when I have a 110g tank to do water changes in ;)

Pasfur 08-24-2008 07:02 AM

Your tap water readings for Ammonia are typical for most metropolitan areas. You should be adding a product such as Amquel to remove the ammonia from your tap prior to adding it to your tank. Even after adding Amquel, your test kit may still show an ammonia level, because Amquel causes toxic ammonia ions to bond with other ions, placing the ammonia into a non-toxic form. (Sorry, i'm not a chemistry expert, but the general idea is whats important.)

The Nitrates of 10ppm are really not a concern for a freshwater system.

okiemavis 08-24-2008 10:30 AM

Pasfur's need a test kit that tests for free ammonia (nh3) instead of all the ammonia. The "non-toxic" ammonia Pasfur is talking about is nh4+. Your test kit tests for both and shows the total.

Here's a link to a more detailed explanation:

beetlebz 08-24-2008 11:42 AM

this is actually a private well, which is why its troubling. I tested it once almost a year ago and didnt see any signs but then again who knows... im a moron sometimes. i have the api master kit, btw, im not sure what it tests for, but i think it does test for both types of ammonia. Is that really the best way to neutralize the ammonia, versus something that will physically remove it?

the thing about the nitrates that concerns me, is the continually high in-aquarium levels. so, if I have 40ppm nitrates, and do a 20% w/c with water that already has 10ppm nitrates, my nitrates even over time arent going to go down as far as they should

Flashygrrl 08-24-2008 03:02 PM

Try getting plants like water sprite or something that suck up the nitrates through their leaves.

okiemavis 08-24-2008 03:35 PM

Hmm, have you tried testing from various taps and hot & cold water? It's possible your pipes are leeching something into the water.

beetlebz 08-26-2008 07:10 PM

I have not, but I will make it a point to do that. Im just afraid my poor betta wont have any tail fin left by the time I get to petco for some prime :( oh well, I guess I need more buckets so I can start pre-treating my water at w/c time.

willow 08-27-2008 03:06 AM

sorry you're having a pants time bbz. :(
hope it gets sorted.

1077 08-27-2008 05:34 AM

As I understand it in your particular area private wells fall under somewhat different regulations than municipal water supplys. Did you drill this well? has it been evaluated in the last five years? I know this can be expensive 100dollars per hour for inspection but in the Interest of your family it may be something you want to do. Could be as suggested that unhealthy chemicals are leaching into your water supply. RO sytem may prove to be mandatory rather than somthing you are pondering. Google search on consumer reports on water supplys in milford conneticut area may prove helpful as well. :?

Pasfur 08-27-2008 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by beetlebz
Is that really the best way to neutralize the ammonia, versus something that will physically remove it?

Yes. Nearly every aquarium hobbyist in the world uses this type of product. It is inexpensive and extremely effective.

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