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Sirmo 08-20-2008 05:55 PM

Help with power outage situations
Tropical Storm Fay is upon me.

I have (2) 55 gallon and (1) 30 gallon tank

both 55's have moderate number of cichlids

30G has 2 convicts and their 20 1 month old babies.

What am I dealing with if I loose power for hours on end? How do I remedy


willow 08-20-2008 06:25 PM

i do hope you'll be ok.
you could if possible wrap the tanks with blankets.
i know news paper keeps the warmth in too.

Sirmo 08-20-2008 07:37 PM

sorry...didn't include enough details....

temp. is not my concern actually. I'm in florida, keep a warm room environment, and water temp is perfect using no temp. control devices.

If anything....temp will raise with outage

Concern is aeration.

Advice on battery powered aeration setups????

sinadyan 08-20-2008 07:39 PM

Have you thought about the battery power supplies that are used for computers when the power fails?

Sirmo 08-20-2008 07:48 PM

UPS computer/server setups that you expect to last for sever hours...possibly days are extremely out of budget for this application.

Looking for advice on devices that are battery powered that I can maintain for days just changing batterys.

Bait bucket battery powered pumps?

How long can my fish survive with no aeration?

Any experience with this here?

Thanks in advance!

onefish2fish 08-20-2008 10:35 PM

there will be enough oxygen in the water for your fish to be just fine for a few hours, even a day

my understanding of "air stones" is that they usually let the bad gases escape the water more then they let the good gases enter the water..i guess either one its doing is benefitial, but your fish will be just fine with your air pump off..

if your just way overly concerned with it, they do make "back up" air pumps that are battery powered and are used for power outs and what not, i dont know where you'll be able to come by one last minute though.. maybe check your LFS? i do not know from experience how well they work, but here is an example:

Flashygrrl 08-21-2008 05:37 AM

Every couple hours you can swish your (clean) hand through the surface water. Surface agitation aerates the water.

1077 08-21-2008 06:15 AM

I endured a week last winter with no electricity due to ice storm. sadly, My fish all succumed due to temp drop despite my efforts with heated bags of water and candles under the tanks along with blankets to wrap the tanks in. Oxygen was not the problem. Battery operated bait bucket air stones kept the water aerated. I got mine at walmart(@%$#!) One Dbattery lasted approx eight hours .GOOD LUCK! :(

Sirmo 08-21-2008 07:40 PM

Great advice everyone!!!

So far still power....we have closed bridges so it could happen any time

It's funny. I don't care about loosing power myself....I just want my guys (cichlids) safe!!!!

thanks again!

willow 08-22-2008 01:39 PM

i do hope that you don't get any losses if the power goes.
fingers crossed for you.

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