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tehgargoth 08-20-2008 08:41 AM

My fish are dieing one by one :(
Im not sure whats wrong.. I have an orange algae thats growing dispite it being dark with only the tank light. the fish give no indication of being sick before they just end up dead in the morning. They are super busy (normal cichlid behavior) and then belly up 8 hours later. Could it be the orange algae? or maybe something I cant see? The tank is cycled, and i see nothing in the water tests that would show any indication of something bad.

1. Size of aquarium 40
2. Freshwater
3. Six Months
4. All Cichlids
5. No Live plants
6. Temp 78F
7. Large Aqueon
8. No CO2 Unit
9. No natural sunlight
10. Monday
11. Regular water changes are done 30% per week
12. I feed the fish Omega One Cichlid small pellets
13. Florescent Aquarium Lamp, between 9:30-7
14. Have lost 4 fish
15. All normal, little ammonia, little nitrates and nitrites, goes to zero when i do water changes
16. Liquid Test Kit API Brand
17. No new fish for 3 months

1077 08-20-2008 09:10 AM

Were it me I would reduce feeding to once per day. You do not say how often you are feeding. I would strive to keep ammonia, nitrites at zero all day every day. Nitrates should remain at twenty or lower anything over 40 and water changes are in order. I would also vaccum the bottom of the tank at each water change a small area and a different area each time. Cichlids are huge waste producers so it may take a little more effort to maintain water quality for them.

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