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smj276 08-16-2008 01:17 AM

What is this??
hi all.

just noticed a red spot on my Guppy. it wasn't there yeserday.. :(.

does antone know what is might be? I have googled and checked out the diseases area of this site, but still don't know.

any idea how to fix it?

oh the pics look like it is a brown spot, but it is actually red.

Size = 100 litres
Freshwater (but I do put a tea spoon of rock salt in it when I do a water change)
set up for 7 months
6 guppies, 5 mollies, 1 x clown loach and a bristle nose and about 10 fry no bigger than 1cm
2 live plants, couldn't tell you what they are?
Temp = 27-28 degrees?
Not sure on the filter type. it just runs along the top of the tank
no CO2 unit?
no direct sun on tank?
between 10 & 25% water changes weekly?
food = flake nightly and frozen bloodworm 1 x week?
lights = 1 x 40 watt uv fluro on for 5 hours?
PH= 6.8 Amonia = 0
Last purchased fish 3 weeks ago.


thanks all.

Pasfur 08-16-2008 01:20 PM

Does the fish exhibit any behavior changes? How about the other fish? Is this fish still eating well? Have there been any changes in your water parameters?

onefish2fish 08-16-2008 02:33 PM

off topic
but i noticed you have x1 clown loach
just so you know they like shoals of 4-6+
HOWEVER, they grow to about 18 inches!!
and would be unsuitable for your 100 litre which = about 26 gallons
its your tank your rules but if you want the best for your fish he needs a mansion ( 75-100+ gallon tank ) and some buds to hang with ( 4-6+ more loaches )
if you cant provide this for him, and still want the best for it, please try to return it to the place of purchase for your money back, or store credit..

smj276 08-17-2008 06:05 AM

Hi all.

thanks for the replies.

the fish with the red spot has been sitting on the bottom of the tak for a while now , I dont; expect him to last much longer.
wish I knew what it was. the rest of the fish are fine.

the clown loach was bought to take care of about 30 small snails. they are now gone and the tank is going great. cept for Spot.


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