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occram 08-14-2008 10:43 PM

Brand new 30 gallon freshwater tank...

I'm very new to the Aquarium scene and I'm looking for some help. I have a new 30 gallon freshwater aquarium.

My wife went out and bought some goldfish and put them in the tank only a day after I put it all together. I know that the tank should cycle for 2-3 weeks before putting any fish in because there needs to be an established biological filter. (Don't worry, this won't happen again.)

We're now down to one goldfish after the others died from what seemed to be swim bladder problems. The last guy is having problems staying upright and just floats at the top. I've tried fasting him for a few days and feeding him smashed green peas, but now he won't eat at all.

The balances in the tank are right around perfect except for PH which I can't seem to get above 6.6 and the tank temperature has risen at times to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. I've done almost daily 25% water changes to try to help Nitrites and and Ammonia levels.

I don't want to lose my last little fish...

Is there too much aeration (I have a bit) causing swim bladder issues? I know that new tanks are hard to keep fish in but I didn't think swim bladder problems are caused by this... Please help. Feel free to ask any questions you may need.

Thanks in advance,

iamntbatman 08-14-2008 11:07 PM

Do you have a test kit? A good liquid test kit will be beneficial in determining exactly what's wrong. The API Liquid Freshwater Master Test Kit is a good choice.

Are you running a heater on the tank? Is it in direct sunlight? How warm is your house? Goldfish are coldwater fish so the high temperatures could be problematic.

What kind of goldfish are they? I know some of the fancy breeds are more likely to suffer from swim bladder issues than others.

Also, it's difficult to really have too much aeration with goldfish. Since they're coldwater fish, they really like a high oxygen content in their water, which the aeration helps with.

occram 08-14-2008 11:43 PM

Thanks for replying.

I'm going to try to answer all of your questions.

I do have a test kit and it's the exact one you named. I've used test strips for my hottub and they're horrid. Anyway, I tested everything and it all seems normal. I have some API Ammonia/Chlorine remover and I have been doing 25% water changes almost daily. Nitrite and Nitrate levels are 0ppm but the PH is a bit low, ~6.6.

I'm not running a heater because it's pretty hot here and I try* to keep the water around 78 degrees but it's spiked to 82 in the daytime and the tank is in the center of the house, no direct sunlight exposure. My house is around 70-76 at night, anywhere from 74-85 in the day.

They are fancy goldfish. Also, I can't seem to find the recommended "sinking" goldfish food anywhere, so I've been forced to use the floating stuff. Unfortunately I can't do anything about them ingesting some air when they eat.

I think I've answered everything, I know I'm doing a couple things wrong but it's the best I could do in such short notice. I didn't expect this to happen to the little fish though. =(

iamntbatman 08-14-2008 11:55 PM

Are you just feeding goldfish flakes, or is it some kind of pellet?

If it's the flakes, you could try scooping out a cup of water, adding the flakes to that and stirring it up so they get waterlogged and sink, then you could pour this in your main tank. Goldfish are little piggies so he should be able to find it even if it has sunk to the bottom.

onefish2fish 08-15-2008 01:57 AM

i can see your problem. (that is, if your feeding pellets)
- your dropping pellets into the water
- your fishies are getting what they think is a grand faboulous meal
- the pellets disapear to your fishies tummy
- the pellets then become "water logged" inside your very fishies tummy
- this causes your fish's stomach to bloat
I think this is your problem. To prevent this you can purchase goldfish flake foods or soak a few pellets in a shot glass of tank water until they are fully absorbed, everytime before serving.

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