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okiemavis 08-11-2008 06:59 PM

How beneficial is a sump?
Alrightly, I'm a complete salt noob, so bear with me please. I'd love to go larger, but I know myself, and larger means more $$ spent on coral, so I'm going small.

I'm going to be setting up a 10 gallon nano reef. It's going to have a 40 watt CF over it with 10000K daylight and 460 nanometer actinic lighting. I've been told this is ok for medium lighting? It's on a dual tank shelf which can fit another 10G below it. It's kinda wedged behind my couch so the lower tank is not something easily observed, I planned on using it for a snail breeding tank, but I'm starting to think a sump would be good.

My questions: I assume doubling the tank size would allow for heavier stocking? How complicated is it to rig up this type of filtration? Would I put the protein skimmer & that kind of thing in the sump? Am I at some point going to flood my house by accident if the power goes out? Are there any systems out there that come pre-made? Do I need an overflow in my main tank?

Thanks guys!

SKAustin 08-12-2008 02:03 AM

Hi Maeve, Yes the sump is VERY beneficial, but you will need some type of overflow for it. An overflow for a small tank like that could take up substantial room making it an undesirable feature. If youre good with acrylic, you could probably easily create your own smaller version. Do your research if you decide to take this route.

Also, I wrote an article some time ago about employing a sump (in the articles setion and stickied in the Sumps and refugiums section), if you havent already, give it a read. It might clear up some of your concerns and Qs.

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