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okiemavis 08-11-2008 06:41 PM

Air pump, splitting & enough power for sponge filters?
OK, I'm the world's least technical person. Whenever I have to wrap my mind around a new piece of equipment I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do something wrong... I come from the modern fishkeeping era and have never had much use for air pumps, so this is pretty new to me.

SO- I'm setting up a shelf full of 2.5 gallon killifish breeding tanks. 5 of them all together, although there may be another shelf of five below. I'm going to be filtering them with sponge filters, and I wanted to get one big air pump instead of 5 little ones. I've got the Whisper 10 right now and I really like it, so I was considering getting one of the larger Whispers, possibly the 100?

Is it effective to split the air that many times? Assuming I used the Whisper 100 to power 10 sponge filters. There's two output's which I would need to split 5 times each. Could I use this 5-way gang valve:

Is it really that simple? Will they all have even air pressure? Will this be strong enough to power all the filters? If I turned the airflow down would pressure build up and damage the machine?

Thanks guys!!!

onefish2fish 08-11-2008 11:22 PM

in my experience with the "valve splitters" it seems like the first 2 or maybe 3 tubes coming off have the best pressure and the last 1 or 2 have little to nothing coming out. this may have been from a faulty or crappy "valve splitter" or more likely not a strong enough pump but i just ended up getting fed up with it and giving it to my dad :lol:
( its sitting in a box full of fish supplies because he doesnt use it either )
but like i said, it could have been a faulty guy or not so great pump. i know they make some "super power heavy duty" pumps but these are expensive.
i personally am a fan of a free RENA pump i got recently and i think every air pump i buy in the future will be RENA (alittle more expensive though)
im sure this could be very controversal but IMPO air pumps are more required to disrupt service tension to let "bad gases" escape more so then putting "good gases" into the water, but regardless of what its doing (either letting em out or putting good guys in) its doing something good.
i am looking through's magazine right now and they have a WHISPER DEEP WATER AIR PUMP by TETRA which is rated for 150gal. duel outlet and is $58.99 which im sure you could make work.
there also is WHISPER AIR PUMPS(by whisper) for 10gal single outlet pumps for $6.29 a pop (x10=$62.90, which i think is rediculous considering you will also need x10 power outlets or x5=31.45 which is alittle more realistic but again will take up x5 outlets which is like a full power strip bar)
i also see Coralife Super Luft Pump (2.9psi,22W=$63.99 and 3.9psi,66W=$72.89) but these have multiple out valves however from the picture they appear large(they dont have the dementions in the magazine) and prob. going to be alittle noisy.
i hope something from here was helpful, goodluck!

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