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gema 05-03-2013 10:00 PM

Good bottom feeding fish
What's a good bottom dwelling fish for a 15 gallon tank? Tank will have 8 neon tetras and 4 male guppies. I still have a month or so before the tank will be ready for the bottom dwelling fish as I am trying to slowly build up the amount of fish by only adding a few at a time.

Open to any suggestions.

BWG 05-03-2013 11:06 PM

To give you options it will help to know some things first. What is your PH? Your hardness (if you don't have a test then you can probably find it on your water authority's website)? What kind of substrate do you have?

jentralala 05-03-2013 11:12 PM

What are your water parameters in regards to ph, gh, and kh?

I'm also a bit worried about your potential stocking, guppies generally require hard water, while neons prefer acidic, you may want to look into choosing a fish more suited to whatever your water may be, in regards to hardness and alkalinity.

gema 05-03-2013 11:40 PM

PH is 7.3 which I know is a little high for neons but they are doing well. I am unsure of hardness etc. I have a fine sand substrate.

Byron 05-04-2013 07:20 PM

The GH (hardness) is actually more important for fish than pH, so it would be wise to check with your local water supply people for this, as another member suggested.

With a pH at 7.3 I wold not expect very hard water (still want to know though;-)) so at this point I would think corys would be nice, a group of 5-7. Whiptail catfish adds some interest.


gema 05-05-2013 02:14 AM

Any particular kind of cory?

fish monger 05-05-2013 04:52 AM

They are pretty much the same insofar as requirements and behavior are concerned (see fish profiles). There are many different color and pattern varieties. Also, there are some slight size differences. You might go with one of the smaller varieties just for the sake of space in the tank.

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