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jj10174 08-07-2008 09:55 PM

Breeding Electric Blue Cichlids
I am new to this forum, so I am going to start with my story. Question to come....

I have a 150 gal tank, that I started up about one year ago. I originally started with 4 oscars. Sadly the water in my area was harder to treat than I thought and I lost all but one. After getting the water chemistry to a safe level, I thought I would start with smaller (cheaper fish), and ended up with two blue cichlids. When they got bigger I found my self with a male and a female. About a month ago I thought I lost the female (jumped and cat/dog eat her). But to my surprise when I was cleaning my tank last weekend I found her under a rock, with one baby fish.

Now for my question. Now that I know my fish are breeding, and I would like more fish (three fish in a 150 gal tank is lonely). What can I do to help the process? And can anyone tell me more about their breeding time frame (how often to they breed, how long does gestation take)?

I have picture of my fish and tank in my profile if it helps.

Thank you

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