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Little-Fizz 08-07-2008 05:10 PM

Ew... Moldy fish flakes?
Ok, so I made this ball of fish flakes out of a nylon sock end I filled with the flakes and tied a knot in.... I wasn't ready to cycle the tank so I left it on my table along with my broken filter. And someone put both of those items in a bag that I just had to go through because I just re-set my tank up... And I guess there was a bit of water in the filter and it dumped out into the bag and the fish flakes got wet and have been sitting in the bag for like two days.... :sick: Its pretty gross and the flakes have definitely started to rot. I believe there is some white... Mold on them? But I want the flakes to rot right? So should I still use it?

Flashygrrl 08-07-2008 05:27 PM

Is there any chance that when someone was moving it around it came in contact with something toxic?

Little-Fizz 08-07-2008 09:52 PM

Um.. Lol although I can't say for sure. I wouldn't think so. The bag was like... maybe 5 feet from where I left it on the table. And we have animals and small children so we don't tend to leave toxic things around. So unless someone was spraying stuff in this room should I be ok?

PDXfishy 08-08-2008 02:20 AM

Nope, throw that stuff away. Deterioration is one thing, mold another. Besides, you already have cycled tanks, so there is no need for a fishless cycle if you plant your tank adequately.

Little-Fizz 08-08-2008 04:27 AM


Originally Posted by PDXfishy
Nope, throw that stuff away. Deterioration is one thing, mold another. Besides, you already have cycled tanks, so there is no need for a fishless cycle if you plant your tank adequately.

Kay cool thanks. I don't know if its because I just woke up or something... But I don't understand? I already have cycled tanks.. So I don't need to fishless cycle my new one? :? I understand adding plants will filter the water and all that jazz. But I haven't gotten paid yet, and might not until next week. And then I can buy a new hood and stuff. Because the one I have right now wouldn't even gross a moss ball. I was planning on transferring over some java moss and... Another plant I can't remember the name from my other tank. But not until I got my new light fixture. I'm making this a long story, sorry. Lol my point was going to be, I couldn't add any kind of life to my tank for at least another week, not that I intended too. But in that week I want to get the cycle started.

I did start to cycle a filter on my 28 gallon I was going to put on the new tank. But those stupid fish flakes have thrown me off now. My mom yells at me if it doesn't have the filter running "blahblahblah stale water" So yeah I have that filter on this tank because the one that came with it is broken. So I imagine all the bacteria has died off by now.

Flashygrrl 08-08-2008 05:19 AM

OK, when I was setting up my ACF tank I had three small pantyhose "balls" of gravel, fish food, and no filter. Didn't add the filter until a few days before I put the frogs in (Big Al's was kinda bein slow) still cycled fine.

jeaninel 08-08-2008 11:53 AM

Use some filter media from your cycled tank in your new tank's filter. But don't add it until the day you add your fish. When I set up my new tank (37 gallon) I used a sponge from my established 55 gallon. I put it in the same day I added the rasboras. Instant cycle. I've been testing almost every day (it's been 2 weeks) and have no ammonia or nitrites. You'll still want to add fish slowly and keep an eye on the parameters.

PDXfishy 08-08-2008 05:48 PM

Yep, see above. Personally, I believe some mulm and "dirty" gravel from your established tank are even more important than used filter media; but do both. Then add fish SLOWLY, and by slowly I mean two a week or so. There will never be a spike or anything.

Right now, I would give my right arm for a cup of trusted used gravel. Stupid ammonia-cycling...;)

Little-Fizz 08-08-2008 07:54 PM

Lol ok, well I just got off a 13 hour shift... My back hurts, my feet feel like they will fall off and my boss has just informed me that they are so disorganized I may not be getting paid for like... A month. Maybe sooner like two weeks... But it could also be a month. I'm not to happy about that, but what can you do? Its definitely going to set me back a little for getting my tank going. But I don't mind.

This is my plan. The filter that came with my tank its broken, it leaks, I can't figure out how to fix it so I have a smaller filter running on this tank. Its for like a 15-20 gallon. Not enough filtration as far as I'm concerned. So I was going to cycle it with this one then add a couple fish, then buy a new filter. Or whatever, get the new filter when I buy the fish I don't really care. My point is I'll have a cycled filter then add a better one to the tank so water is still being filtered and that filter can establish bacteria. Then I'll have two filters running on this tank and it should be ok. I would plant it with gravel but its sand? Should I just put the gravel in a nylon sock? Lol jeez I've run out of these things... Just another thing to add on the list of stuff I need I guess.

jeaninel 08-09-2008 12:06 AM


Should I just put the gravel in a nylon sock?
Yup, put some gravel in a nylon and set it in the tank or in the filter if it will fit.

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