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Bethaliz 08-07-2008 04:07 PM

A Snail of a Question
Okay so here's how things are going. I got a 10 Gallon. I juggled my tanks around, put new gravel in the old tank and the new tank. Put the old gravel on top of the new (for the bacteria etc.). Some new decorations in both and old decorations in both.

I went to petsmart. The woman was great, seemed to know what she was talking about. She got me set up with a test kit and some stuff to treat the water. She told me they test water for free, so I can bring it in there and they'll get me all set! I"m keeping Berry (Strawberry Tetra) in the old tank, with old water (which according to the test is perfect!!! I think we cycled!), although I did do a 20% water change. I put that water in the new tank with the new conditioned water. I'm waiting for everything to settle and then Molly (A Gold Molly) will go in there to get it cycled.

The woman at PetSmart suggested getting another Molly to speed up the cycle (and I guess Mollies like to be in "packs"/Shoals, too). So I got a Silver Molly. She seems healthy, energetic etc. She she's bobbing in the water to get use to the temperature. My niece has named her Snow.

She also suggested getting a snail, she said they help with tank cemistry. He (although I have no idea on the gender), is also bobing in the water to acclimate. Apparently they acclimate the same as fish.

I like Petsmart, I think I"ll continue to get my fish from there. They have a 14 day health guarenteed, so if the fish dies before the end of 2 weeks, for any reason, they'll replace it. Which is great, so your sure to get a living fish!!!

My question is this.......How do you know if the snail is alive? I put them on the table (in the middle as not to drop off), while I put everything away. My niece got a hold, when I wasn't looking and droped the bag. I mean, Petsmart will give me a new one, if he's gone belly up, but I hope he hasn't. But how do you tell?

jeaninel 08-07-2008 04:31 PM

You can tell if a snail is dead because they will stink to high heaven. Take a whiff and if you don't smell anything it's probably alive.

Was it a Mystery snail you got? Is it going in the new, uncycled tank or the old, cycled tank. Snails are very sensitive to ammonia and nitrites and will just stay in their shell. You should put it in your cycled tank until the other tank is ready.

Flashygrrl 08-07-2008 04:39 PM

Just to warn you, snails poop a lot. Almost as much as the mollies. You're close to your limit for a 10 gallon. Do you plan on eventually getting another tank (for the mollies so your tetra can go in the 10 and have friends)?

Bethaliz 08-07-2008 06:59 PM

I don't know what kind of snail it is. It's in a yellow shell. I think it's a live, because we put it in the old cycled tank and it's not in the same place, so I guess it moved it's self.

As for tanks, I don't know. At the moment, I'm not getting another tank, two is one more than one I wanted and I really don't have room for another one or anything bigger. I just have an 8x7 room. So for the time being I probly wont get another one. Its sad that 4 fish need that much room. Its not even like their big fish or anything, even as adults. I don't suppose that doubling up on the filters will help that?

Flashygrrl 08-08-2008 05:29 AM

It might. I'm more concerned about your tetra since she doesn't have any of her kind with her and can't display her natural tendencies.

Bethaliz 08-08-2008 08:48 AM

Well if I add a second filter, would it enable me to add another Tetra or two?

Flashygrrl 08-08-2008 04:58 PM

In the 2 gallon or the 10 gallon? Generally, there isn't much I'd keep in a 2 gallon except a betta or some shrimp or something anyways....two tetras would just be miserable in there. Tetras are meant to be in groups up 6+ so Berry really won't be happy till she's got that. I'm not sure if adding a second filter to the 10 wouldn't help you get an extra 5 tetras in there either. They're pretty sensitive to water conditions and you've got other heavy waste fish in there. :( Plus mollies can get up to 4-5 inches and that's bigger than most people would envision, and they'll want their own space. The general recommended tank size for a molly is at least 30 gallons.

Little-Fizz 08-09-2008 10:50 AM

Does your snail have a "door" At the entrance of his shell? Have you ever seen him? I hope you got a mystery snail, they are awesome :D :D

But if your snail has a black or brown thing thats closing his shell then you have a mystery snail, if you think he might be dead, gently try and move his trap door. If it comes right open he is dead. If it remains shut and you can't open it (With a tiny bit of force) then he's alive!

okiemavis 08-09-2008 03:13 PM

If this is a 10 gallon you're talking about, I'd return the molly and get a shoal (maybe 6?) of tetras or something like that. Celestial pearl danios are really cool, cuz they're so small, so you could fit a larger group of them in the tank. You could also just keep the molly and add a shoal of otos or maybe a shoal of dwarf cory cats.

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