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skulpter 08-04-2008 06:33 AM

electricity being cut for day
Hello all --

The electricity is being shut off for most of the day today while we have our service upgraded. It just occurred to me that this might present a life-threatening situation for my son's fish.

Any advice on how long the typical species of tetras and plecostomus can survive without their water being oxygenated? I'm trying to think of some alternatives, such as transporting the aquarium to a neighbor's house for the day, or running a long extension cord from a neighbor's house. Neither option is particularly desirable.

What are your thoughts on this situation?


Sounguru 08-04-2008 11:29 AM

You should be fine .. but I would run to the LFS and see if they have a battery powered Air pump. If not just stir the water gently a couple of times to exchange gasses. I was without power for 24 hours and all my tanks survived.

Flashygrrl 08-04-2008 03:54 PM

I'm assuming you'll be home while the work is being done? Just stir the water with your hand once every hour.

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