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onefish2fish 08-04-2008 02:22 AM

SW 46gallon ( i think ) bowfront getting started help
ok, so i think my tank is 46gallons not 100% sure its a bowfront.. anyways i want to do a saltwater reef. i currently have only freshwater (no substrate no fish NOTHING but water ) in the tank and a fluval 304 filter running. i plan on adding a saltwater mix to get salinity right. would it be smart to keep the fluval running? im planning on purchasing this equipment:
bak-pak 2R+ reef ready protein skimmer
visi therm deluxe heater 300watt
instant ocean hydrometer
reef crystals synthetic sea salt
ocean direct caribbean live sand
API saltwater master test kit
coralife digital thermometer
hydor koralia powerheads ( one rated 600gph and one 850gph )

i plan on running the tank for a few days then adding atleast 45lbs live rock. i then plan on running tank for 3+ weeks and adding a few blue legged hermits and some other guys for a clean up crew. after my rock has cured and the tank cycled im planning on only having 2 fish. a black occelaris and an orange one. and possibly getting a yellow watchman goby but that is it. im eventually going to build a sump but as for now does it sound like im good? is this equipment good for a 46gallon tank and for what i want in it? ive been doing tons of research but i want to be 100% sure before i invest like $500+ of my hard earned bucks.
oh and as for coral im in no rush to get some..i want to do thorough research on species and their needs as well as an anemone for my clowns and i want my tank to establish itself before jumping in and buying frags and things and i have 2 different lights that will work for coral ( im not sure of the brands or watts or rating ) i know one came with the bowfront from previous owner and they had saltwater and the light say "cora lite" or something like that on it.. and the other light fixture came with my dads tank that he just bought ( the 125 ) and it says it on the box (it was brand new $230) i cant check brand names because im at work so yea. anyways like i said im in no rush for coral just want to make sure my fish w/ live rock set up will work and im buying the right stuff to go with it. thanks for any help i recieve, i really appreciate it.

Pasfur 08-05-2008 05:49 AM

I am a huge fan of the bak pak skimmers for fish only systems without live rock. They are one of the few hang on units on the market which incorporate a pre-skim system, with all water entering the protein skimmer prior to passing over the biomedia.

However, on systems with live rock, I think you can do much better. You won't need any biomedia, so the effectiveness of the skimmer is what you need to be concerned with. For a similar price you can buy a more effective unit if you look at the SeaClone models. They are taller, allowing for more reaction time, and have a true counter-current design, which the CPR unit only partially incorporates into their unit.

Also, you do not mention anything about substrate, which can make or break your system. You want at least 3'', preferably 4'', of aragonite sand substrate. At this depth you should achieve a nice denitrification effect, as well as benefit from a larger copepod and amphipod population.

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